You can page through NBA statistics to see which players are leading the league in scoring, rebounding and more — if you want a stat, the NBA is tracking it.

But GOBankingRates wanted to check a different kind of number, to see which players are bringing in the most money from each franchise, and how much of the team’s salary cap is devoted to that player.

The average highest-paid player is 29 years old, with a base salary of $30,586,862. That accounts to 23.81% of total cap space — all spent on that one player.

That’s an average, of course, and teams devote different amounts to their highest-paid players. The Pistons are paying Jerami Grant just 16.6% of their total cap space, while the Phoenix Suns are giving Chris Paul a whopping 32.54%.

Read on to see each franchise’s highest-paid player.