jinger duggar and jeremy
jinger duggar and jeremy

Now that she’s promoting her upcoming book, the Hope We Hold, Jinger Duggar is getting candid about the ups and downs in her relationship with husband Jeremy Vuolo. In a new interview, she shared that she almost didn’t marry Jeremy — apparently, their courtship wasn’t quite as magical as it seemed to be on Counting On.

Jinger admitted they had "ups and downs" during their courtship.

While talking to Us Weekly, Jinger said that her time dating Jeremy wasn’t perfect — and there were even times where she "froze and was like, ‘Do I want to do this?’"

It makes sense — everyone questions their relationships in the earliest days, especially when considering marriage so quickly the way this couple did.

She said that time was "really tough."

It sounds like it was hard for her to open up about it, but knowing that she might help others who are going through something similar, she decided to write about the experience in her book.

"I don’t like to think about that time," she explained. "But realizing that, OK, that’s something that could help someone because it’s something that everyone’s going to have to walk through. ‘Will we be able to come together as two completely different human beings from different backgrounds and make this work?’"

Jeremy shared that the time was also difficult for him.

"What I can say is there were a couple of ups and downs, and there was a moment when it did seem like the relationship was a no-go at that point," he said. "I just remember thinking one thing: ‘I can’t give up. I don’t have the faith to give up.’"

Well, Jinger and Jeremy have officially convinced us to read this book to get all the revealing details.

It sounds like these two are getting pretty personal in this book.

Between their relationship issues that they’ve never spoken out about before (until now) and Jinger’s confession about her past body image struggles, it looks like Jeremy and Jinger are making good on their promise for their book to reveal stories that many people — their families included — have never heard before. We’re intrigued!

More details are likely on the way, because they’re not holding back.

The book is out on May 4, so we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out more never-before-shared personal tidbits from Jinger and Jeremy. In the meantime, we have a feeling that they’ll be sharing a few more details as they continue promoting the book. We’re going to need the whole story on these relationship struggles.