The season finale of Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+, and although most fans seemed pretty happy with the episode, the same can’t be said for the critics…

The season finale of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier hit Disney+ yesterday, and while many fans seem to feel it did a pretty good job of wrapping the story up while leaving room for Sam and Bucky’s adventures to continue, the critical response is a slightly different story.

There were a handful of negative reviews doing the rounds soon after the episode debuted, but more have since been added to Rotten Tomatoes, and "One World, One People" has now dropped to 59% ("rotten" status on the review aggregator).

The site’s critics consensus reads: "While "One World, One People" delivers a fitting ending for Sam, its rush to wrap The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s many threads may leave some fans wanting – and wondering if there will be a second season to help make amends."

The entire series is certified fresh at 87%, and every other episode scored very highly (the lowest was actually episode 3, "The Power Broker," with 85%), so the more mixed reaction to the finale is a little surprising.

We were all big fans here on CBM (Josh gave it 5 stars in his review, and while I had a few issues with how certain characters’ arcs were handled, I loved the episode overall), but what about you guys? Is 59% fair, or do you think it should be higher/lower? Drop us a comment down below.