Monster trucks. A yard of Twix candy bars. Million dollar mansions. People love oversized, exaggerated things. They also love oddly giant food. Some people love participating in the contests where you scarf down foot-tall burgers layered with beef patties, pork ribs, chicken nuggets, onion rings, and more — all stacked high on one burger. If you have a huge sweet tooth, then you’ll be intrigued by the world’s largest cupcake, which hails from Detroit. This thing is unreal, weighing in at more than 1,200 pounds.

If you get a kick out of huge food, then you absolutely have to try this giant ice cream sandwich recipe. Not only is it a hefty hunk of sugar, but it’s pretty cool-looking, too! For this recipe, developer Jason Goldstein at Chop Happy uses chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla ice cream, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to whipping up this 5-pound giant ice cream sandwich that stands at least 8 inches tall.

"Whatever flavor you like is great for the premade dough. Any flavor ice cream and cookie will do. Make your own cookie sandwich dreams come true!" says Goldstein.

Gather up the ingredients

Thankfully, even though this recipe creates a giant ice cream sandwich, it doesn’t requires too many ingredients. When the delectable dessert is ready, it can be cut like a pie and yields 8 to 12 portions, depending upon how you slice it. Surprisingly, the prep time is only 10 minutes while the cook time hovers around 40 minutes. Note that you’ll need to freeze the giant cookie ice cream sandwich for an hour, broken into 30 minutes to set the ice cream and 30 minutes to set the sandwich — so make sure you have room in your freezer! Have on hand 2 packages of premade cookie dough, 2 cartons of chocolate chip ice cream, and half a cup of Nutella.

Grab your equipment

With only 3 ingredients, this surely is a super easy dessert to create, right? While it is pretty easy, it does require a springform pan, 2 sheet trays, 2 sheets of parchment paper, and 1 large sheet of plastic wrap. Goldstein says you could use a circular pizza pan instead of two sheet trays to try and help make the circle pattern more easily, but it would still need to be cut into a uniform circle regardless of which pan you choose. Goldstein outlines easy steps to blissful dessert with this recipe, so it isn’t too labor-intensive. That leaves more time for eating this amazing dessert!

Spread out the cookie dough

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the two packages of premade cookie dough, 16.5 ounces each, and place the dough from each one on its own sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Use your hands (washed clean first, of course!) to press out the cookie dough as wide as possible in the general shape of a circle. Bake both trays of cookies at 350 degrees for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Parchment paper works best for this recipe instead of coating the sheet pans with cooking spray, as it works well in preventing the raw cookie dough from sticking to the tray while it bakes.

Prepare the ice cream

While the fantastic scent of cookies baking fills your home, turn your attention to the ice cream. To save you time and energy, take the plastic wrap and line the springform pan with it, making sure to cover the pan completely.

"The plastic wrap not only helps with sticking but more importantly, it makes it easier to transfer the ice cream to the cookie," Goldstein explains.

Take both cartons of the chocolate chip ice cream and scoop the ice cream into the springform pan. Once smoothed out with a spoon, place the ice cream in the freezer for 30 minutes to firm up.

Time for the Nutella

When the cookies are done baking and have cooled, place the springform pan on top of each cookie and cut them out to match the size of the springform pan. Feel free to use the leftover cookie scraps to snack on later, while you’re waiting for the giant ice cream sandwich to freeze. Flip the cookies over and on the smooth bottom, spread half a cup of Nutella on one cookie. With its hazelnut and cocoa taste, the creamy Nutella spread gives this recipe a little extra kick.

"I added Nutella because it was a nice nutty chocolate punch to go with the cookie and ice cream, but you can substitute with favorite jam or nut butter," Goldstein said.

Finish the cookie

After 30 minutes have passed and the ice cream has firmed up quite nicely, grab ahold of the plastic wrap and lift the ice cream out of the springform pan and unwrap it. Set the giant slab of ice cream on top of one large cookie, then place the other cookie on top of the ice cream. Although you are likely drooling over this dessert right now, it needs another 30 minutes in the freezer to solidify perfectly.

"During the last 30 minutes waiting for the cookie [sandwich] to freeze, I bet myself how much of the cookie we could eat in one sitting. Two big slices for the win," Goldstein jokes. "This was like being in cookie heaven! It is so easy because literally it is premade cookie dough, store-bought ice cream, and Nutella. It’s so fun to eat it is a giant ice cream cake in form of a cookie."