Jessica Simpson & family
Jessica Simpson & family

Jessica Simpson’s family has grown up right in front of our eyes. With each baby announcement, birthday party, holiday, and sprinkle of everyday life in between, we get the feeling Jessica is just like us regular moms.

Jessica and her husband, Eric Johnson, welcomed their first daughter, Maxwell Drew, in 2012. Son Ace Knute was born in 2013 via C-section, with his middle name a tribute to Eric’s Swedish grandfather. The baby of the family, daughter Birdie Mae, was born in 2019, rounding out their adorable family.

Jessica and Eric got married in 2014, giving Jessica time to plan their wedding and get into tip-top shape to wear the dress of her dreams. This family spends lots of quality time together, and luckily for us, they take the cutest photos to share with their fans on social media. As the family grows, watching them together will undoubtedly be filled with some sweet memories.

Where It All Started

Jessica’s journey into motherhood kicked off with her first daughter. She and Maxwell appear to enjoy a really close bond. They are regularly seen being silly and doing fun things together. Hopefully, their sweet connection stays strong through the years.

The Cutest Belly Shot

In this snapshot, Eric can’t help but love on Jessica’s baby belly. His fashion mogul wife has never been shy about her experiences being pregnant. She has shared her health issues, struggles with weight gain, and transition from one to three children. Having a celebrity like Jessica be so honest and open can inspire any tired and discouraged mom.

Early Mornings Are Hard

Waking up early isn’t easy! But these two cuties are lucky to have their hot chocolate in hand when easing their way into the day. As moms, the morning rush can be a crazy time and pulling everyone together is not for the faint of heart. We’d love to know how Jessica handles it all. (By the looks of it, some days a sugary drink sweetens the situation.)

Family Love

Jessica and Eric look so into each other — and the kids don’t even seem fazed by their public displays of affection. When parents can show their unabashed affection for each other, the children undoubtedly benefit. Love all around is the beauty of a family being together.

Birthday Bash

When your mom and dad go all out for a Moana-inspired party, you are a lucky kid! Here, Ace’s fourth birthday bash is complete with a Hawaiian theme and a real-life Moana and Maui — how exciting! It looks like it was a beautiful day for a family celebration.

Daddy’s Girls

Jessica and her younger sister, Ashlee Simpson, have stayed close to their father, Joe Simpson, over the years. There’s no doubt that having a close relationship with your father is a wonderful feeling. And when it comes to her own kids, Jessica’s likely gotten some parenting wisdom from Joe.

Let It Go!

Jessica and Eric take the family on a variety of experiences — including visits to the theater. Frozen is a great choice for the whole family, and what better way to see the show than in front row seats on Broadway in New York City? Wonder what their favorite song to belt out is?

Church Style

Even regular Sundays at church are an occasion for the family to show off their incredible style. Though Jessica was pregnant with her youngest child at the time, she still managed to look amazing, matching with the rest of her family. They are not afraid of some print and color, that’s for sure!

Dad’s Birthday Is Not Always Fun

Eric turned 40 in 2019, and let’s just say, the whole family was not onboard with the party plans. Birdie Mae looked less than thrilled — or maybe she really wanted to dig into that cake! But what a cute family memory they made here.

Johnson Family Photo

We’re not sure where they are headed, but they took a moment to snap this quirky family photo. We can’t help but laugh at Ace, who is too busy playing in the truck to bother posing. It seems even celebrity moms have trouble getting their kids to cooperate for the camera.

The Family Business

The cutest lemonade in front of the cutest playhouse! What child would not want to jump in on this family business? Ace and Maxwell were joined by some friends to serve up their lemonade. We’d love to know what they spent their hard-earned profits on.

Time Flies

Watching children grow up is one of the hardest things a mother can do. From watching them make those first steps to seeing them graduate high school, parents experience a range of emotions. But it’s memories and pictures like these that remind us just quickly the time goes and inspire us to savor every moment.

The Beauty Guru & Her Twin

It’s no surprise that Jessica’s oldest daughter would become interested in her mom’s beauty and fashion empire. How fun would it be to play dress-up when your mom could design anything you want to wear? These two could probably play dress-up for hours, and it is a bonus for Maxwell to learn more about the business.

A Baseball Star

It seems that Ace has been playing baseball for a while and recently, he even hit a few homeruns, according to Jessica. Erica and Jessica support their children’s hobbies and sports activities together as a family. And why not mix your favorite sport with some wildlife to really get the excitement going?

Mom & Dad

Most parents need a break from their kids every now and then. Jessica and Eric still had fun together in the middle of their busy and full lives before lockdown. Documenting this memory with a picture is only fitting for this social media-loving mom.

The Entire Family Is Invited

Vacations aren’t just for their family of five — Jessica and Eric make sure to spend time with extended family, too. Trips to Aspen, Colorado, are more fun when you can goof around and hang out by the fire with your cousins. It’s also a great excuse to pull out your cutest snow gear, like Jessica did.

Sharing the Success

Jessica doesn’t just share in the joys of motherhood with her children, she brings them to work, too! The family spent a night celebrating the second week of her book ranking No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. Sharing this accomplishment with her children must be an amazing feeling for any mom.

Virtual School

While at home, the kids are getting used to virtual learning. Jessica gave us some insight into how Birdie is enjoying all of the extra time with her big brother and sister. These three probably can’t get enough of each other while quarantining together.

Christmas Cookies

Jessica and the kids made their Christmas tradition sweet with some family cookie baking. By the looks of it, they relaxed and lounged around the house for the entire holiday. What better way to spend some quality time than snuggling on the couch with some cookies and milk?

An Easter Treat

Easter looked a little different than usual in 2021, but Jessica and her family still took time to celebrate together — with a Honey I Shrunk the Kids-inspired party, no less. This happened to be their favorite movie while social distancing, so they gave it a fun new spin for Easter with a Honey, I Shrunk the Bunny theme. So cute!