There’s just something special about famous, real-life siblings teaming up on the big screen.

Whether it’s the Franco brothers in The Disaster Artist, Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko, or Owen and Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums, there’s a unique chemistry that occurs when people who’ve known each other their whole lives get to act together on a project.

When it comes to familiarity and comfort, the sibling relationship can’t really be beat. Unfortunately, siblings working together is actually a pretty rare occurrence in Hollywood. Sometimes it’s because the sibs are on different career trajectories, and sometimes it’s just about timing. Either way, it just makes it even more special when the stars align, and the siblings get to team up.

Sadly, that magic combination of circumstances hasn’t yet happened for the siblings in our list below. Check out the collaborations that we’d love to see, and let us know who you think should be included, in the comments.

The Hemsworths

We thought we needed a Hemsworth brother collaboration when there were only two of them on the scene, but now that Luke is gaining his own level of fame with Westworld, a Hemsworth trio collaboration has shot right to the top of our list.

It’s hard to decide whether we’d rather see these burly lads fighting together in an action movie, or playing off of each other in a comedy. Let’s face it, whatever it is, our eyes will be glued to their biceps the screen the entire time.

The Olsens

With Elizabeth Olsen’s role as Scarlet Witch in The Avengers, it’s safe to say that her acting career has effectively usurped those of her mega-star twin siblings. Obviously, we’ve already seen Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen act side-by-side about one thousand times, but now that there’s a third Olsen in the game, it feels like a piece of the puzzle was missing from those earlier ventures.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have taken a step back from acting over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop hoping for one last Olsen hurrah. Seeing these three ladies playing sisters on the big screen is just too epic of a thought to dismiss.

The Fannings

Technically, Dakota and Elle Fanning did work together on I Am Sam, with Elle playing the two-year-old version of Dakota’s character, but it’d be nice if her role was a little meatier, the next time she gets to work with her sister.

Dakota Fanning has been a well-respected young actress for a while, but Elle is quickly catching up with her growing repertoire of acclaimed projects, including The Beguiled and 20th Century Women.

The Fanning sisters are extremely talented, and any project that included both of them would be excellent. However, if they actually got to work together, the result would be magic.

The Hudsons

Of course, one of the most famous families in Hollywood had to make the list! It’s not really surprising that Kate and Oliver Hudson haven’t yet worked together, since Oliver tends to stick to TV, and Kate is all about films, but that could change any time.

With the line between TV and movies blurring more and more, it seems quite reasonable that these two could find themselves working on the same project. The only problem might be that there’d simply be too much beauty in the room, if these two were working together.

The Deschanels

One is known for a dramatic role on Bones, and one is known for her quirky character on New Girl, but there’s no doubt that both Emily and Zooey Deschanel have serious acting chops. If they were to do a project together, it’d be amazing to see them bringing their greatest strengths to the table, with Emily playing a more serious, older sister, and Zooey playing the wild, youngest child.

The Cyrus’

Bonus music edition! Yes, we’re always happy to see Miley come back to the big screen, and it’d be even better if she brought her now famous younger sister, Noah, along with her, but what we really want to hear is an official duet between these two.

Noah and Miley Cyrus both make very fun music, and their voices sound so similar. Harmony between these two sisters would almost sound like someone doing harmony with themselves, but possibly even better. Not to mention, that would just mean more awesome Cyrus music for us!

What famous siblings do you want to see team up?