Halle Berry has been “smashing” all her fitness goals and now she has seriously defined abs.

“There’s no better feeling than setting a goal and smashing it,” the 53-year-old mother of two captioned an Instagram photo dedicated to #FitnessFriday.

Proud of her newly chiseled midsection, Halle accredited her workout achievement to high-impact training with her coach Mubarak Malik, along with a strict Keto diet.

According to the Oscar winner, her fitness inspiration comes just in time for her upcoming role in the mixed martial arts drama Bruised, a movie where she will be making her directorial debut.

“One of my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? Ripped Abs – and today? I finally got them, and it feels unbelievable!” Berry wrote, before encouraging her 5.7 million Instagram followers to work on their own fitness goals. “The work won’t be easy, but that pay off? Worth every damn second.”

Halle, who was a gymnast in her youth, seems to be doing an amazing job embodying her movie’s character, Jackie Justice, a former MMA fighter.

“Halle is a beast,” Mubarak Malik, shared on her Instagram Story. “I know this is Fitness Friday, but let me just tell you that she has been killing it every day.”

He continued, “She trains four hours a day, she’s intermittent fasting, she’s keto. She does it every single day. I’m honored and she inspires me, so I’m sure she’ll inspire you as well.”

According to Deadline, her new film, Bruised, will begin filming in March 2020.