Greenland Ilulissat Colorful Town Cityscape View

Earth Day might have passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little armchair traveling while appreciating some of our planet’s more isolated and undeveloped places. From the northern reaches of Greenland to the depths of the South Atlantic Ocean — and plenty of awe-inspiring destinations in between — here are the works of globe-trotting photographers who’ve been lucky enough to go places the rest of us normally cannot.

Alexandr Berdicevschi/iStock

Torres del Paine, Chile

This 700-square-mile Chilean national park has incredible views awaiting adventurers who are willing to embark on the long journey to get there. Known for its towering mountain vistas, craggy glaciers, and crystal-clear cerulean waters — not to mention an ornithologist’s dream with more than 100 bird species — this national park can only be reached by a long trek via sea, air, and/or car.

Francesco Ricca Iacomino/iStock

Francois Peron National Park, Australia

Parkgoers drive on a red dirt road at sunset in Western Australia’s Francois Peron National Park. Known as a "desert on the edge of the sea," the park features contrasting scenery such as red cliffs, white beaches, and blue waters. It’s located about 450 miles north of Perth.

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