Sebastian Stan Reveals The Reason He Was Always Paired With Anthony Mackie in 'Avengers' Interviews

When actors do press days, they’re usually paired up in twos to chat with press about their project and that’s what happened with Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie while promoting the Avengers movies a few years ago.

It’s also what helped to spark the idea for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+.

“I feel like they really wanted me to talk, they were worried I didn’t talk a lot, because I get very uncomfortable,” Sebastian explained about being paired with Anthony early on in interviews.

He added that “they put me with Anthony and they were like, ‘just put him in with Anthony, he’s going to talk’, and I was talking by the end I was very lively. I was a lively person and it really is thanks to him.”

In another interview, Anthony also talked about his friendship with Sebastian, calling him a “very dear friend”.

“I think it’s obvious that we work extremely well together. So, the idea of us being a duo, it ain’t that bad of a thing,” he shared. “You get the glaze and you get the chocolate glaze, you know? Everybody gets the donut they want. So, I think we’ll all be happy with that.”

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