While there are definitely some wonderful national steakhouse chains, there’s a good chance that your favorite steakhouse is a local eatery that knows the ins and outs of the region. That knowledge of the neighborhood is very difficult for a chain restaurant to replicate. With that in mind, we researched to find the best steakhouse in each state in the country by sifting through reviews, accolades, and recommendations from various sources.

It comes as no surprise that most of these steakhouses have only one location. With that narrowed focus, mouth-watering steaks can be found at each of these 50 establishments.

With the steakhouse industry growing at a steady pace, the competition is getting stiffer — and that’s great news for hungry Americans. These days, no matter where you find yourself within the 50 states, the chances are high that you’re within driving distance of a delicious steakhouse that will leave you satiated and bursting with memories.

Alabama: Big Mike’s Steakhouse

Everything is bigger at Big Mike’s Steakhouse. Their meat is so thick and hearty that you can easily share a steak meal with a loved one or even a couple of friends. From oysters to shrimp, Big Mike’s Steakhouse also has a variety of seafood options. However, it’s the steak that will steal your heart. It’s so good that even the Alabama Cattlemen Association named it the state’s best steak.

No matter where you are in Alabama, you’re only a hop, skip, and a jump away from a Big Mike’s Steakhouse. They have locations in Andalusia, Thomasville, Moundville, and Orange Beach.

Alaska: Canyon Steakhouse

What’s better than eating a delicious steak? Eating a delicious steak in a beautiful location, of course! Canyon Steakhouse is situated in a breathtaking location approximately a mile from the gates of the Denali National Park. After a long day of taking in the majesty of the national park, stop at Canyon Steakhouse for a scrumptious dinner.

While the scenery may steal the show, the food at this restaurant is also quite memorable. Beyond steaks, Canyon Steakhouse serves local favorites like Alaska Jig Caught Rockfish and everything is pristinely presented.