All things considered, Game of Thrones had a pretty satisfying ending, but it still left a lot of questions unanswered.

The final season (or two) of Game of Thrones proved to be divisive among fans. Some people felt the ending was too rushed, or that some characters were acting out of character. Other people liked the faster pace and were satisfied with their favorite characters’ development.

Whichever camp you’re in, we can all agree that despite getting some answers and conclusions, we were still left with a lot of questions. Unfortunately, we’re probably never going to get answers to them either.

Here are our top questions Game of Thrones never answered.

  1. Why did we suffer through that awkward conversation between Jon and Dany discussing her fertility if she never became pregnant?
  2. If Varys’ messages about Jon’s true parentage were sent to the other rulers, why did nobody bring it up at their final meeting?
  3. Did Varys even send any of the messages?
  4. If he didn’t, what was the point of showing him writing and burning one of them?
  5. Why was Cersei pregnant?
  6. What did it matter if Euron thought the baby was his?
  7. What happened to Ellaria Sand?
  8. Are we supposed to assume she died in the destruction of King’s Landing?
  9. Did Sam and Gilly have a boy or a girl?
  10. What happened to Meera Reed?
  11. Why didn’t the Reeds join in the White Walker battle and/or King’s Landing battle?
  12. Are we to assume Howland Reed will never say anything about Jon’s true parentage?
  13. Why were there so many Dothraki in the battle at King’s Landing?
  14. Didn’t they almost all die at the onset of the White Walker battle?
  15. What happened to Craster’s sons that were turned into White Walkers?
  16. Were they the other White Walkers backing the Night King?
  17. Do baby!White Walkers grow into adults faster than humans?
  18. Can only babies be turned into White Walkers?
  19. How was Craster able to communicate with the White Walkers in order to negotiate their peace/coexistence?
  20. Where did Drogon take Daenerys’ body?
  21. It’s stated that Drogon was last seen heading toward Volatnis, but where exactly is he going?
  22. Is he taking Daenerys’ body to Kinvara in Volantis?
  23. Will she be able to bring Dany back to life?
  24. In season 7, how were the White Walkers able to put the chains on Viserion under the water if they can’t go in water?
  25. Who is the new Dornish prince?
  26. Where did Arya ride the horse in “The Bells”?
  27. Who is the Prince that was Promised/Azor Ahai?
  28. Why did the White Walker let Sam live at the end of season 2?
  29. Why didn’t Jaime and Cersei hide under a dragon skull?
  30. Or move 10 feet back?
  31. How old is Melisandre?
  32. Who braided Dany’s hair for the battle at King’s Landing?
  33. Who’s in charge of the Night’s Watch if Jon is living beyond the Wall with the Wildlings?
  34. What is west of Westeros?
  35. Couldn’t Bran just tell Arya what’s west of Westeros?
  36. If Cersei wanted her brothers dead so badly that she hired Bronn to kill them, why didn’t she kill Tyrion during their parley in “The Last of the Starks”?
  37. Is Bran able to live a thousand years like the previous Three-Eyed Raven?
  38. If he can, does that mean he’ll be King for a thousand years?
  39. For how long did Bran know his fate was to be King of Westeros?
  40. Why does Bran want to find Drogon?
  41. What is he going to do if he finds Drogon?
  42. Is the Iron Bank going to expect repayment for Cersei’s loan?
  43. How are Bran and co going to repay them?
  44. Whose voice did Varys hear in the fire?
  45. Why did the other Maesters grant Sam Maester status when he has a baby?
  46. Why isn’t Tyrion in the A Song of Ice and Fire book?
  47. What does ‘Northern independence’ actually mean?
  48. Why didn’t the other realms ask for independence?
  49. Shouldn’t Yara have asked for the Iron Islands to secede the Iron Throne’s rule, considering that was her biggest condition in giving Daenerys her support?
  50. Did Davos ever reunite with his wife?
  51. Is she now living in King’s Landing with Davos?
  52. Where will the Dothraki live now?
  53. Are they going to stay in Westeros?
  54. How long until Tormund saunters back to King’s Landing to try wooing Brienne again?
  55. Why didn’t the Dornish army join Jon and Dany in fighting the White Walkers and/or Cersei?

What are your biggest questions ‘Game of Thrones’ never answered?