The Saw franchise began to run out of steam many years ago, but all that any major horror property really needs is a fresh coat of paint and it’s ready to capture the public’s imagination once more, as we’ve seen time and time again as virtually any brand with name recognition finds itself reinvented and updated.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw is an entirely different proposition, though. For one thing, it stars Chris Rock, who doesn’t tackle too many dramatic roles. Not to mention that he also developed the story and is an executive producer on the pic. That alone is enough to pique the curiosity of many.

But then you also have Samuel L. Jackson in the cast, while returning director Darren Lynn Bousman has been hyping the film up as a bold reinvention for a tiring series. And now that it’s here, it seems that he was right. While reviews have admittedly been a bit mixed, the fans appear to be loving it, as you can see from the reactions below.

fuck i love the saw franchise. spiral was very good and chris rock was funny as

— Joshua Fomison (@TheDwarfLords) May 15, 2021

The movie visually was great I loved it the scene with the broken glass bottles I thought to my self "oh that bastard", i would love to see another spiral.

— most virtuous of all virtues. (@21GkBlue17) May 15, 2021

i love it more now
My ★★★★★ review of Spiral: From the Book of Saw on @letterboxd:

— . (@theshapeburns) May 15, 2021

I love Spiral. It was my favorite Saw movie since the original. I’m gonna go see it again.

— Mike Lox (@mike_lox) May 15, 2021

As someone who loves the Saw franchise, i’d recommend Spiral

— celina (@lilspanishbean) May 15, 2021

First time going to the theater with my love, since we met during COVID. @Saw Spiral was amazing! Can’t wait to see it again!! 🖤 (my mask was only off for the photo, no one was around me, and I’m vaccinated) #Spiral

— Lil Batty🦇 (@lilbattty) May 15, 2021

Just saw Spiral @Saw and wow! Love what @chrisrock @darren_bousman and all the rest of the cast & crew has done with the franchise. Looking forward to the next installment 🤞

— Kyle Haner (@khaner1) May 15, 2021

we saw spiral tonight! it was awesome and if you like saw you’re probably gonna love it too 🐷

— bizarrely small, delayed avalanche (@unscheming) May 15, 2021

Just got finished watching #Spiral great movie! Definitely different from the other films but I really enjoyed it and the traps!! Love the messages against crooked and messed up cops out there, and the final scenes are really powerful!!! Can’t wait for the sequels!!! Or Saw 10!

— Film Buff Logan 🍿🎥📼🎬 (@FilmBuffLogan) May 15, 2021

I watched Spiral with my fiancé and we loved it. Jump scares got my fiancé. I love all of the traps and my jaw dropped at the last couple minutes of the movie. I can’t wait for it come on the 4K. Great job @joshstolberg @darren_bousman @Saw @chrisrock

— Nick Welborn (@PSRChannel) May 15, 2021

I loved #Spiral I love the @Saw franchise…hadn’t been to the theater in over a year…this is definitely the best movie to come back to.

Still get chills when I hear #HelloZepp

— ⛧𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖛𝖊𝖟⛧ (@pinchePORUNGA) May 15, 2021

Ayoooo!!! #Spiral was gruesome and amazing!!! It kept the saw formula but at the same time delivered something different. I see the direction the Saw franchise is heading, and I love it. Good one @chrisrock @Lionsgate and everyone apart of it💪🏾🥂🔥 10/10

— PHILLIE HAYNES (@PrinceThaGamer) May 15, 2021

In terms of quality relative to the rest of the series, #Spiral is easily the second or third best of ‘Saw’

Feels like it left a bigger home run on the table in a lot of spots, but I weirdly love this entire series… so I enjoyed it.

— Gio Insignares (@Gio_Insignares) May 15, 2021

Worth. The. Wait. @darren_bousman is back and so is SAW! The twists and turns remain but it’s a new world that Rock carries with ease. I was smiling ear-to-ear as the lights came up and *will* see it again before the weekend is out! If you love SAW you’re going to adore #Spiral.

— Lando_Horror (@Lando_Horror) May 14, 2021

Just got out of the theater after watching #Spiral Book of Saw.
While not my favorite of all the movies (2 is my fave) , I still really liked it and am excited for more Saw!

Also I love Mr. Snuggles! I hear they’re going to sell replicas, gimme!

— Luci (@25thHanabusa) May 14, 2021

@darren_bousman I love Spiral. Thank you for being back my love for SAW and those damn twists. I want expecting the ending. Still mind blowing.

— Jamaica Taylor (@JamRock1021) May 14, 2021

Even though I’m not a big Chris Rock fan, I really enjoyed Spiral. I love anything related to the SAW movies.

— M. (@mayraxcoco) May 14, 2021

All things considered, it certainly looks like Spiral is the shot in the arm that the franchise has been crying out for and while it likely won’t hit the same box office heights as some of the previous entries given the current global pandemic, the early buzz points to it being successful enough to justify more to come from the property. In fact, development on Saw X is apparently already underway.

But tell us, have you checked out Spiral: From the Book of Saw yet? If so, what did you think of it? Let us know in the usual place down below.