Daughter Of Secret Service Agent Goes Viral For Sharing Tips Her Father Has To Help Women Protect Themselves

The daughter of a Secret Service agent has gone viral on TikTok for sharing tips her dad gave her to help keep herself safe. The advice given by the G-Man, which Lauren Bell (@cardy_couture_boutique) says her dad always drilled into her growing up, taught her “situational awareness” and taught her to “question everything” and “question everybody.” Incidentally, these directives could come in handy for all women, so they’re worth listening to!

1. Lauren recalled an experience she had back in 2014. She was shopping at a local Marshalls store close to her house where she’d been a million times before. She admitted that she felt a “false sense of security” since she was so familiar with the place. Perhaps that’s why she didn’t pay much attention to the man she noticed in a few differetn sections of the store. However, she admitted feeling a “presence” upon her when she saw the same man buying curtain ties at the checkout, at which point she recalled something her dad once told her: “Clothes can be removed, hair can be changed but birth marks and tattoos are always permanent.” With this in mind, she remarked the eagle tattoo on the man’s calf.

2. Things got creepy really quickly. Lauren tried to delay leaving the store so she didn’t have to see the man again, but when she did leave, she realized he’d been waiting outside and started following her. He approached her and asked her to come to his car so he could talk to her about some money-making scheme. However, she ran to another car in the parking lot and approached the driver, leading the suspicious man to run away. “Thank God that I was aware of what was going on in the store when he was following me and then [I made] better decisions to not go with him,” Lauren said in the video.

3. Her father has lots of other great advice too. Lauren shared some of the other great tips that her dad has given her over the years, including “never turn your back towards the door,” “nothing good comes after 11 p.m.,” and “never take a jog before 8 a.m.”

4. Some of these tips could save your life. Lauren’s dad also advises women to “order drinks that come in bottles, they are harder to drug.” He also claims that “men don’t ask for help” and “if you think you are being followed, make four right turns.” All very good things to keep in mind!

You can check out Lauren’s TiKTok page @cardy_couture_boutique or visit her clothing website at cardycouture.com