"Resident Evil 8" continues to wow audiences with its giant vampire lady antagonist and extensive cast of monsters. However, many fans might not know about the talented cast of actors that brought "Village" to life. It turns out that the many face models and voice actors of "Resident Evil 8" are gorgeous, both in-game and in real life.

Recently, voice actors like Roger Clark have spoken out about how voice talent is just as vital as other performers within the world of gaming, and that hey deserve recognition for their hard work. Gamers have previously gotten a look at the voice cast of "Resident Evil 8" in action through behind the scenes footage featured online and in the special content of "Village." Players have seen voice actors like Maggie Robertson and Neil Newborn parading around in motion capture gear, embodying the essence of Lady Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg without the aid of special effects.

Without the work of both voice actors and face actors, "Resident Evil Village" wouldn’t have nearly as many great-looking characters for fans to enjoy. And let’s be honest, the gaming community is hungry for any sort of meme involving "Resident Evil 8" characters, including TikTok videos.

While the entire cast of "Resident Evil Village" is totally worth checking out, here are a few that fans will definitely want to know about.

Joel Hicks

Joel Hicks’ Twitter bio describes him as a "UK based actor, model, photographer and studio owner, and the founder of the ‘Always With A Smile’ foundation," but he also has the distinct privilege of being Karl Heisenberg’s face model.

Fans love Heisenberg, the rebellious bad boy of Mother Miranda’s family, and have publicly professed their admiration for him online. Hicks provides a certain rugged charm to Heisenberg’s character, and the gaming community has taken notice.

Hicks wants to make sure his fans know he’s not just a pretty face, though. He recently posted a Patreon blog (which he has made free to non-subscribers) discussing partiality in the media, a heavy topic for someone that uses media to make a living. Hicks clarified on Twitter that his Patreon provides different sorts of content, not just "superficial things."

Aside from acting, modeling, and photography, Hicks also founded the aforementioned Always with a Smile, which aims to collect money for various charities and encourage people to experience new things. After competing in a variety of unique sporting events in order to raise money for charity, Hicks decided to start his own foundation to help others. Even though Heisenberg might not have much room in his heart for love, Hicks certainly does.

Helena Mankowska

Helena Mankowska has been one of the most vocal and sought-after actors of "Resident Evil Village." She served as the imposing Lady Dimitrescu’s face model, and announced this fact by posting pictures of herself in full Lady D garb. Mankowska didn’t just pop up overnight, though. She’s been working in the acting world for years.

In an interview, Mankowska admitted that she’d only vaguely heard of "Resident Evil" before being cast as Lady Dimitrescu’s model in "Village." Mankowska explained that she never played video games before being in one, but now she’s slowly stepping into the world of gaming, thanks to her role as Lady Dimitrescu and the passion of the fanbase.

Mankowska has also said that she enjoys playing vampires because it makes her feel powerful. Though she considers herself relatively new to zombies and vampires (and horror in general), she said that there’s something alluring to feeling in charge of things. There’s no doubt that Lady Dimitrescu is in charge of her castle in "Village," so Mankowska surely got to enjoy feeling powerful while being scanned for her model.