‘The Mosquito Coast’

While HBO Max was busy trying to become Netflix, did Apple TV+ just sneakily become the new HBO? With hit comedies like Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest sitting alongside buzzy dramas like For All Mankind and the brand new adaptation of The Mosquito Coast, savvy TV viewers recognize that Apple TV+ is focused on delivering quality, not quantity, to its audience of Apple acolytes. Regarding the latter title, you might recall the 1986 Harrison Ford movie The Mosquito Coast, but this 2021 television reboot stars Justin Theroux as Allie Fox, the petulant, enigmatic patriarch of a family of four that’s on the run from the United States government (for reasons that are not entirely clear at this point of the series’ arc). It’s a rare series that feels very cinematic in its scope and ambitions, eschewing the familiarity (and cost-savings) of most prestige soundstage-shot dramas in favor of majestic vistas and sprawling outdoor locations that look especially dynamic using the new Apple TV 4K system.