As the co-owner of a gym and a former prize-winning bodybuilder, Tamra Judge knows a thing or two about fitness and weight loss. (You don’t get this shredded by accident, folks!) So, when The Real Housewives of Orange County health nut opened her Instagram Stories for a little Q&A, it was only natural that her followers would press her for diet tips.

One fan in particular needed Tamra’s advice to help cut through the clutter of trendy weight-loss plans. "How can I lose 30 pounds," the query began. "I’m 51 and have no idea what to eat with all of these diets!" Tamra was happy to oblige, and provided a list of foods to eat — and a few to avoid — in the name of weight loss.

"Eat clean!" Tamra wrote. "Chicken, fish, ground turkey (lean protein) veggies, good fats, complex carbs." She added, "Don’t eat processed foods, sugars, breads, bad fats, limit alcohol." The next rule was big, as evidenced by its presentation in all caps. Ready for it? "NO SODAS," Tamra warned.

And in the end, it’s all about patience: "Be consistent and don’t starve yourself. [It] doesn’t happen overnight. Make it a [lifestyle] and the weight will come off." Take a peek at Tamra’s complete set of dietary weight-loss rules, below: