Remembering Gavin MacLeod

Gavin MacLeod — a veteran TV actor, famous for roles on "The Love Boat" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" — has died … TMZ has learned.

MacLeod passed away overnight early Saturday morning at his home in Palm Desert, CA — where he was surrounded by loved ones and caretakers … this according to Gavin’s nephew, Mark See. We’re told he’d been in and out of the hospital these last few months with varying illnesses — and it’s unclear what exactly might’ve caused his death in the end.

That said, See tells us it was not COVID-related. MacLeod’s ex-wife, Joan Devore, confirmed all of those details, except for the location of his death.

The guy is perhaps best known for playing Murray Slaughter on ‘TMTS’ — in which he played the head writer of the fictional TV station that Mary worked at. He was a main character on the series … appearing in all 168 episodes over seven years, opposite the lead actress.