Bella Thorne, Dani Thorne
Bella Thorne, Dani Thorne

After their long 20-season run, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end, but does that mean another family will step in to fill the void in our reality TV-loving hearts? Reportedly, Bella Thorne and her sisters are being pegged as the next Kardashians … and given the amount of press they’ve gotten in the past year, it wouldn’t be surprising if this pans out.

Reportedly, Ryan Seacrest wants Bella and her family to be the new Kardashians.

As the executive producer of KUWTK — and the man we have to thank for making the Kardashians as famous as they are — Ryan is trying to find a new powerhouse family to feature on E!, according to what sources have told Page Six.

That would be interesting, to say the least.

Bella comes from a big, tight-knit family like the Kardashians.

Bella, who is 23, is the youngest child in her family. She has two older sisters — one named Dani, who is 28, and one named Kaili (pronounced Kylie, coincidentally, just like Kylie Jenner) who is 29. She also has an older brother, 25-year-old Remy.

As for Bella’s parents? Her father, Delancey Thorne, died in a motorcycle accident in 2007, and although she and her mom, Tamara, haven’t always seen eye to eye, they seem to be getting along these days.

Like the Kardashians, Bella is also not without a little bit of controversy.

Last year, Bella came under fire when she joined OnlyFans and commanded a $1 million payout in one day — and sold what she advertised as nude photos for $200 a pop, only for those who purchased them to find out she wasn’t nude in the pictures at all. Sex workers believe that Bella (and the changes OnlyFans made to its pay structure) was ruining it for those who actually use the site as their main source of income, whereas Bella just seemed to be cashing in on her fame.

There’s also the fact that Bella once ran in Kylie’s circles and was even linked to Scott Disick years ago.

Ryan’s people say it’s not happening, though.

“This project and news are completely false and Ryan nor his team have not had any discussions with or about the Thornes. There are no plans for Ryan and the Thornes to work together," his rep told Page Six.

However, the site also reported that Ryan and the Thorne family are already doing test shoots, so who knows what the actual truth is?

Honestly, it would probably be close to impossible to replace the Kardashians at this point.

They’re a television institution — and no one can replicate that kind of lighting in a bottle effect twice! When the series finale of KUWTK airs next month, we’re really going to miss catching up with the fam.

We’re sure E! has big plans up its sleeves for what’s next, though, whether it involves the Thornes or not.