Creative Assembly, the team behind Alien Isolation has shared the first image for its upcoming Sci-Fi FPS, which it has been working on for a number of years.

This game has previously been described as “something radically different in the FPS space”. And, one of those elements that makes it different, appears to be that the game will be SEGA-themed, taking aspects from a variety of the publisher’s games.

In the image, you can see Sonic floating in the background, a SEGA logo next to some Bananas (likely referencing Super Monkey Ball) and a Virtua Racing screenshot on the wall. The spray-painted cassettes may also reference Jet Set Radio, with the toilet rolls possibly referencing Yakuza and the inflatable rubber ring hinting at ToeJam & Earl.

SEGA has previously said that it is looking at leveraging its old IPs to see which could be given a remaster or remake treatment, and this new FPS IP could be one of those ways, especially as Creative Assembly is owned by SEGA.

What are you hoping to see from this new IP?