So, you’ve got a PlayStation 5, and fancy scaring yourself silly, right? But what are the best PS5 horror games in June 2021 to enjoy on Sony‘s next-generation console? If you ask me, there’s nothing quite like tucking into a scary game on a rainy night and immersing yourself in some spine-chilling shenanigans! If you agree, then you’re in the right place.

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Best PS5 Horror Games Ranked In June 2021

Best PS5 Horror Games Ranked In June 2021:

1. Resident Evil Village

Capcom‘s latest outing in its long-running series is an epic slice of gothic-flavoured horror, as Resident Evil 7‘s Ethan Winters returns to the fold to rescue his kidnapped daughter. What follows is a perfect blend of the puzzle-solving, exploration and blood-splattering action, backed up by one of the most barmy plots the franchise has seen to date. But don’t let that put you off.

Resident Evil Village is one of the biggest games in the franchise to date, the titular location offering a Metroidvania-esque progression that hasn’t been seen since the classic games, a superb bestiary that dwarfs anything we’ve seen before, epic bosses, and some genuinely stomach-knotting moments of suspense and terror. Throw in some meaty collectibles, and you’ve got the best horror romp on PS5 to date!

2. Observer: System Redux

Bloober Team completely revamped its much-loved horror romp for PS5 and Xbox Series X with Observer: System Redux, offering a sumptuous visual overhaul, new story content, and full support for the system’s DualSense controller. This is the definitive way to experience Observer for newcomers and fans alike.

Featuring a gorgeously-detailed dark cyberpunk world to explore, Observer: System Redux is a brilliant example of what PS5’s extra technical prowess is capable of, featuring some stunning implementation of ray-tracing and other visual treats.

3. Dead By Daylight

Arguably one of the most terrifying online multiplayer experiences you can have, Dead by Daylight has up to four players attempting to escape from a fifth player controlled killer. With a wide variety of tactics, special abilities and deep progression at your disposal, Dead by Daylight is absolutely hair-raising stuff; though it’s fair to say that the humble PS4 hardware couldn’t really get the most from the game.

Now boasting a free stunning PS5 upgrade, Dead by Daylight on PlayStation 5 is precisely how this great horror game should be played. With a locked 60 frames per second, higher resolution visuals and improved detail, Dead by Daylight is now utterly essential for fans of PS5 horror games.

4. The Sinking City

Definitely one for fans of Lovecraftian horror, The Sinking City whisks players off the half-submerged town of Oakmont as a private investigator who must investigate a mysterious cult.

Absolutely drowning in atmosphere, The Sinking City is a grim, open world detective adventure that deeply leans into Lovecraftian horror in a way that very few other games manage to do. Even better yet, on PS5 The Sinking City is massively enhanced over the PS4 version of the game, with a native 4K resolution presentation that screams along at 60 frames per second with improved lighting and shadow effects.

There aren’t many PS5 horror games available right now, but stay tuned as we add more and more to this feature.