Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth
Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

There are a lot of Duggar lawsuits happening these days, but this one is finally coming to a close. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have settled their real estate lawsuit without having to go to court, and honestly, it was probably for the best, considering that Austin did appear to be at fault.

Austin was sued for fraud when he sold a house with a faulty septic tank.

Joy and Austin flip houses for a living, and one of their buyers ended up suing them after the yard became covered in sewage, only to find out that Austin had allegedly never gone through the steps to get proper permits for the septic tank he installed. If he had, he probably could have avoided installing a system that didn’t work with their property.

Now, Austin has reached a settlement with the buyers.

Austin recently "reached a settlement," and they requested that the case be dismissed, according to court documents from May 21 obtained by the Sun. That dismissal has been granted, and now, everyone involved can move on (and hopefully make sure a septic tank installation is done by the book in the future — yikes).

No word on what the settlement involved, though.

However, in the original suit, the homeowners claimed that it would take $20,000 for them to replace their septic system, which certainly isn’t cheap. Though Joy and Austin do seem to make plenty of money flipping houses, we’re fairly sure they’d miss a large sum like that if it had to leave their bank account.

Austin JUST managed to avoid a trial.

He was set to head back to court May 25, so he was able to figure something out with the other party just four days earlier, squeaking by that trial date at the last minute.

Hopefully, it worked out for everyone — and maybe this has even been an important lesson for Austin to keep in mind as he continues to flip and sell homes.

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This isn’t the end of the Duggars’ legal troubles, though.

There’s also Josh Duggar’s federal child pornography charges that will put him on trial in the beginning of July, along with his own real estate fraud suit, though that one certainly pales in comparison to the latest accusations he faces.

Fingers crossed it’s boring in Duggarland for the next few weeks. They’re going to need it before Josh finally faces the music.