Retrovibe, a new indie publisher, has revealed it will be putting out a sequel to Project Warlock.

That’s only one of its upcoming titles, but it’s the one that’s piqued our attention the most. Project Warlock is a retro-style shooter that mashes up DOOM-style FPS action with action RPG elements, removing the ability to quick save your game.

We reviewed it last year, saying it was “sometimes unforgiving, but once you push past the first few levels, it’s a bloody joy to play”, so we’re definitely looking forward to Project Warlock II, which is set to arrive later this year.

So what else have Retrovibe got brewing? And can we get to the end of this piece without making a joke about the company’s name?* As far as the former goes, there are at least four other titles on the way, which are:

Most of these have a pixel-art aesthetic, though Shardpunk: Verminfall stands out as a game we’d like to get our hands on. Not because there’s anything wrong with the other titles but, ever since we read James Herbert’s Domain, we’ve wanted a game where, like Verminfall, it’s just you, the gloom, and the rats. The original Janosik is also available for free on Steam, which should give you a sense of what the sequel will offer.

We look forward to seeing which other indie titles Retrovibe will bring under their wing. Even if they do sound like a nostalgia-themed branch of of Ann Summers.

* No.