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Pasta salads are the unsung heroes at summer parties. After all, how many picnics or potlucks have you been to that don’t feature at least one version of this incredibly versatile dish? Popular variations of pasta salad are close to endless: classic pasta salad often features spiraled noodles, cheese, olives, fresh veggies and a light Italian dressing; macaroni salad is mayonnaise-based and stars elbow macaroni, of course. You can even put a Mexican or Greek twist on popular pasta salad recipes. The best news? We have all of these recipes—plus any other pasta salad recipe you could ever want.

Savings For You

Pasta salads are most popular during the spring and summer months because they’re served chilled, can feed a big crowd and travel like a dream. But that doesn’t mean pasta salad has to be limited to just the warm months! Pasta salad is an easy way to round out any meal, and it can even be turned into a dinner of its own if you add some cooked chicken or other protein like shrimp, fish or even turkey. Don’t have a lot of time to shop for all of the ingredients a good pasta salad recipe requires? Suddenly Salad is a great option for when you needed pasta salad, like, five minutes ago. Each box comes with noodles and a tasty seasoning packet that makes throwing together a flavorful pasta salad super easy—just add fresh ingredients you have on hand like chopped tomatoes, peppers and cheese, and party on!