Mario, Ramona and Avery Singer

Let’s be real: no matter how many times you tell yourself you’re not going to watch "The Real Housewives of New York City," the show sucks you back in. It’s a vortex of drama, fashion, and fighting you simply can’t escape — and, if you’re really being honest, you don’t want to.

Naturally, a huge part of the show’s appeal lies in its longest-standing "main housewife," Ramona Singer. Between her trademark candor and intense stare, the mompreneur certainly leaves a lasting impression. But, since the dawn of "RHONY," Ramona’s daughter Avery has also become a major draw. Where Ramona is wild and a little outrageous, Avery comes off as refreshingly grounded for her age. Her more laid-back persona serves as the perfect foil for her famous mom.

It’s been more than a decade since the show first aired, and Avery has grown up right before audiences’ eyes. And, even so, it seems unbelievable that the little girl that fans were first introduced to in 2008 is now a grown woman. You need to see her transformation over time.

When TV came calling, she was a preteen

Mario, Ramona and Avery Singer

In March 2008, Bravo aired the second series in what would soon become the thriving "Real Housewives" family. Hot on the heels of the success the network had seen with "The Real Housewives of Orange County," it moved its attention to the east coast. And there, on the Upper East Side, Bravo found the Singers.

Although Avery obviously wasn’t a "main character" on the soapy reality show about elite wives in the Big Apple, she made frequent cameos alongside her mom, Ramona. Thanks to her often hilarious responses to her mother’s histrionics, the then-preteen became a fast fan favorite.

In 2017, Ramona described the beginning of her daughter‘s journey on the Bravo series. "You know, it’s very interesting to see how Avery has evolved from the show. When she first started filming 10 years ago, she was 12 years old," Ramona told The Daily Dish, calling her then gangly, eye-rolling preteen a "little skinny mini."

The RHONY hoopla doesn’t faze her

The idea of having a camera crew track your every move isn’t appealing for most people because, c’mon, who wants all their embarrassing moments caught on air? When your family is on a show as sensationalized as "Real Housewives," there’s undoubtedly no way to evade the drama. And when your mom is as outspoken as Ramona Singer, that’s doubly true.

Despite the attention (both good and bad) the show gets, Avery always seems to take the circus in stride. "Personally, I don’t think it’s major," she told Alloy in 2010. "We think of it as… a documentary or just like one of those home videos. My friends are my friends. We never talk about it unless I bring it up, which is rare." As for how the show depicts her family — and often portrays her mom in a polarizing light — Avery shrugs that off, too. "We’re like completely different people. And also they edit you a certain way! They edit my mom to be this certain type of mom but they don’t show all her colors," she said.

Her prom was almost a disaster — almost

Ah, prom. This milestone event in a young person’s life is surrounded by so much anticipation that even a tiny bump in the road can seem like a mountain. When the bump isn’t so tiny, well, it can feel like a total catastrophe.

In 2012, Avery was all set to attend her first high school prom when disaster struck. "I actually had a bit of a situation before prom on Friday," she confessed to Us Weekly. "On Wednesday evening, my original prom date, who is my best guy friend at school, called me to tell me that he just found out he had a tennis states game at 5. This meant he would miss pre-prom for the photos and most of prom. I was freaking out!"

Calls to Avery’s other close guy friends proved fruitless, as they all had similar athletic commitments. But in a fortuitous (last minute) turn of events, she discovered her guy friend Evan didn’t have a date either. "He did not have a suit or a tux, but it all worked out in the end. Talk about spontaneous!"

She’s the voice in her mom’s head

When Avery had the chance to interview her mom for GenConnect in 2012, she didn’t pull any punches. When Ramona brought up her wine brand, her daughter was quick to ask whether she’d made a decision about which wine to launch next. Ramona’s playful response? "You sometimes put more pressure on me than I put on myself."

But, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense that Avery is sometimes the voice in her mom’s head — her mom is the one who gave her such a great one! "I never talk down to Avery ever. I never talk to her as an authority. I always gave her choices. I always spoke to her as an intellectual woman and I always included her in whatever I was doing in business and I exposed her to it. So she has a really great head on her shoulders," Ramona told The Daily Dish in 2017.

She was her mom’s rock through her parents’ split

Divorce is not a fickle thing. It doesn’t care if you’re famous or not — it’s still going to be a difficult experience. And when you’re in the public eye, you have to deal with the added indignity of seeing the details of it splayed all over the headlines.

By all accounts, though, Avery seemed to handle her parents’ split with about as much grace as a person could. In 2014, her dad, Mario, got caught up in a messy cheating scandal with a much younger lover by the name of Kasey Dexter. After being outed, he promised Ramona he would stop seeing Dexter. When he didn’t, Avery acted as the voice of reason.

"My daughter even said to him, ‘If you don’t want to be with Mommy, then do the right thing and split up.’ She’s angry at him. It’s upsetting," Ramona told People in 2014. And while Avery didn’t say much on the record about the ordeal, her consistent support of Ramona is obvious on Instagram in mother-daughter photos.

She had a mid-college-life crisis

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to college. As Avery discovered, just because you start at one doesn’t mean you can’t finish somewhere else. When rumors began to swirl that the "RHONY" daughter was no longer at Emory University, Ramona took to her blog to clarify Avery’s collegiate plans.

"Avery had made a decision to transfer to the University of Virginia from Emory," Ramona wrote in 2014, elaborating, "While she did like Emory and cherishes the experiences she had there and the friends she made, she thought a bigger University with a very accredited business school would better suit her interests and long term goals. UVA also offered the option for a dual-major and Emory did not."

Clearly, the decision wasn’t one Avery took lightly, and Ramona respected that, saying, "I can’t even begin to tell you how proud of the young woman she is blossoming into." Being the hands-on mom that she is, Ramona enjoyed the extra bonding time: back-to-school shopping, taking the train to Virginia together, and setting up Avery’s apartment.

She gets it from her mama

Stare at any picture of Ramona and Avery Singer long enough, and you’ll start to think you’re seeing double. And it’s not just because Avery inherited her mom’s natural beauty, which she definitely did — mama Ramona passed her fashion sense to her daughter, too. In fact, Avery’s sartorial style has developed so much over the years and is so similar to her mother’s that they essentially share a closet when Avery is home.

In 2011, when the pair attended the Zang Toi runway show at New York Fashion Week, Avery explained, "We share clothes. Usually, if she wants more, like, hip clothes, she’ll come to my closet and take my clothes because we’re around the same size." She doesn’t even mind when her mom gets carried away, revealing with a laugh, "Sometimes I’ll come home and I’m like, ‘Mom, you’re wearing my sweater and my shoes and my pants. Like, what are you doing?’"

First New York, next the world

It would have been easy for Avery to lean into the comforts of the familiar and stick close to home during college and beyond. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a homebody, right? However, Avery’s obviously a young woman who isn’t afraid to spread her wings. Ramona revealed that Avery would be taking off for an adventure of epic proportion after getting her diploma. "And when she graduates, she’s going to Asia for a month with her friends," Ramona told The Daily Dish.

The trip wasn’t the first time Avery had gone international, either. "I took her [on] a trip, just the two of us to London and Paris," Ramona elaborated to The Daily Dish, adding that the excursion included one very sweet mother-daughter moment. "And our last night in Paris she said, ‘You know what, Mom? You’re not just my mom, you’re my best friend.’ And that just gave me goosebumps."

The girl’s got dollars and sense

It’s hard to believe, but our little "Real Housewives of New York" girl is all grown up! It’s official, because Avery has graduated college and entered the workforce. And, to her credit, Avery wasn’t content to simply rest on her parents’ laurels — she’s chosen a serious profession to pursue and seems to be excelling at it.

"She just passed her Series 7. She’s about to take her Series 6," Ramona told The Daily Dish in May 2018 of the exams one must pass in the high-octane world of finance. The proud mom was spotted the same month shopping for work clothes for her "baby" girl.

Not surprisingly, it was wise words from her mother that led Avery down the path toward the finance world. "She said to me, ‘Mom, I really want to be very successful financially in life, so what career should I pursue if I wanted to be very successful financially?’" Ramona said. The Real Housewife suggested three fields: finance, real estate, and computer technology. Avery chose the first because "she likes numbers" like her mom.