Blumhouse Productions is tackling an adaptation of John Carpenter’s 1982 horror flick The Thing, and Carpenter himself is involved, according to Variety. Very little is known about the upcoming project — only that it exists. The news was revealed at a panel for the Fantasia International Film Festival, which Carpenter was participating in. When asked if he and Blumhouse chief Jason Blum had discussed any future directorial pursuits, Carpenter said:

I have? I don’t know about that. But we’ve talked about — I think he’s going to be working on ‘The Thing,’ rebooting ‘The Thing.’ I’m involved with that, maybe. Down the road.”

That answer leaves a lot up to interpretation. For certain, we know that a preliminary The Thing adaptation is in the works. But it’s unclear just how much Carpenter will be involved in the creative process. From his statement, it doesn’t sound likely that he’ll play a huge part in bringing The Thing into the 21st century. Still, having him onboard in some capacity would help ensure things are going in the right direction. After all, Carpenter wasn’t involved in Universal’s The Thing prequel movie, and it showed. The project received lukewarm reviews and was a commercial flop.

This won’t be the first time Blumhouse adapts one of Carpenter’s spooky classics for the modern age. Blumhouse recently produced a sequel to 2018’s Halloween, titled Halloween Kills. That film, directed by David Gordon Green, has been pushed back to 2021 due to coronavirus complications.

Gallery — The Best Horror Movie Posters of All Time:

25. ‘Fright Night’ (1985)

There are not enough vampire clouds in movies or in posters in my opinion. Clouds that can suck your blood are terrifying.

23. ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’

This whole series had some excellent posters, but the best of the bunch is this atmospheric and slightly abstract piece featuring Freddy and his new opponents.

22. ‘The House of the Devil.’

21. ‘Alice, Sweet Alice’

20. ‘Creature From Black Lake’

18. ‘Alien’

15. ‘Halloween’

Sometimes it’s all about the details. Look at the veins in the illustration of the hand. There’s an intensity to this poster.

13. ‘Re-Animator’

7. ‘Jaws’

5. ‘Poltergeist’ (1982)

4. ‘Not of This Earth’

3. ‘The Exorcist’

One of the most iconic posters of any kind in movie history. Get rid of the text, and you’d still know exactly what this is.

2. ‘The Evil Dead’