Xbox Design Lab
Xbox Design Lab

Fancy creating your own Xbox controller? Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab is back!

Xbox Design Lab is a website that lets you customise an Xbox controller, suitable for use with Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One and PC. You can mess around with joystick colours, shell colours, trigger colours and so on.

Why bother? For a gift, perhaps, or maybe you want a controller that’ll stand out no matter when you’ve left it. Or maybe you want to design the most eye-offendingly awful controller you can imagine. Whatever your reasons, once you’ve designed your controller Microsoft will make it and ship it off to you.

So what’s the catch? There are a few. First of all, the Xbox Design Lab is typically very popular, so you may have to wait a while till you get yours. Secondly, you’re paying a little more than you would buying your own standard controller. And finally, we’ve heard reports of people having had their orders mysteriously refunded so it may be that the Design Lab is being overwhelmed or there’s some sort of glitch going on.

But if do feel like getting a controller that’s uniquely you, or just want one that looks a bit like Pikachu, you can find the Xbox Design Lab here.