Back 4 Blood
Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios, developer of Back 4 Blood, has confirmed that if you don’t purchase DLC for the game you won’t be left out.

One of the problems with downloadable content, as far as multiplayer games are concerned, is that if you want to play a match in a new, recently released map, all players need to purchase the content. Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that this won’t be the case for Back 4 Blood.

The co-op zombie shooter isn’t out until October after being delayed from this month, but it was shown off during the Xbox livestream (where it was revealed it’d be a Day One Xbox Game Pass release) and publishers Warner Bros’ own livestream. It was also revealed that there’d be downloadable content for the game, including new maps.

But, as Turtle Rock Studios clarified, as long as the party leader has purchased a piece of downloadable content, all players will be able to to access it while in a match with them. It’s not clear quite what “party leader” means, we suspect it’s referring to the person who’s hosting the game. But it means that you can slaughter your way across a map without owning that map.

Not only does this avoid Back 4 Blood becoming a game of have and have nots, it’s a canny financial move. Once you’ve seen a map first hand you’re more likely to pick it up, so by letting people share DLC, Turtle Rock Studios are advertising it to would be buyers. There’s no news on which new locations the DLC will include; we’d love to see some Left 4 Dead locations but since Valve own the rights to that title, that’s not going to happen.

You can get your hands on Back 4 Blood when it lands on PC, Xbox and PlayStation this October 12th and dive into the Beta this August.