What if your World of Warcraft character could learn more specs beyond the ones they already have, and switch to them at any time? Imagine if your level 60 Night Elf Priest — let’s call her “Tyrande” for the time being, that seems like a nice name — could talk to a major Hunter NPC, such as Alleria Windrunner, who would send her on a quest to learn how to hunt. Of course, she has no clue about how to hunt things yet — it would be a situation similar to what our pal Addie Fizzlebog went through, while learning how to become a Gnome Hunter in Highmountain, during Legion.

Yes, your level 60 Priest, accomplished adventurer, would turn into a lowly level 1 Hunter — and you’d have to take her through the entire leveling process again, sticking to it until you finally dinged as a level 60 Hunter. But as soon as you embarked on your quest to become a Priest/Hunter, your spec pane would change. You could still pick between Holy, Discipline, or Shadow, and in doing so, keep doing things as a level 60 Priest does — including raiding with your friends, if that’s your jam. But that same spec pane would also have the Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Survival options, and upon picking one of those, you’d revert to whatever your current level as a Hunter was.

So you’d be able to seamlessly spec between, say, being a Holy Priest and a Beast Mastery Hunter whenever you wanted, even though your prowess as a Hunter would be dependable on you actually doing the work to level as that class. Once you did, however, the world would be your oyster.

That would, of course, be a major change to the game of WoW. But that’s precisely the kind of big shake-up that I’m thinking about here. Let’s not limit ourselves to just the addition of a multi-class system either: What if your character could choose to “betray” their faction? What if your Dark Iron Dwarf could defect from the Alliance and join the Horde, or your Blood Elf could leave the Horde and join their Void Elf brethren in the Alliance? Would you like to have that option — a long and intricate “deserter” questline, like many people have suggested over the years?

What other systems could receive major revamps? Could zones be optionally reverted back to their pre-Cataclysm versions — with quests and all — if your character talked to a friendly Bronze Dragon? Perhaps this system could even allow us to turn any zone in the game into a newly-revamped area, with World Quests for max level players to take part in, under a weekly rotation, or something like that. Or, perhaps, the world could finally see some even larger changes, such as a brand new World Tree being planted in the middle of the zone-formerly-known-as-the-Plaguelands, now lush and revitalized, while a floating Necropolis which now houses all the Forsaken hovers menacingly over a now much dreader-looking Desolace.

Is there anything else you’d like to see? The removal of race/class restrictions? The removal of faction barriers, allowing friends to group and play with each other regardless of the fact that one plays a Tauren and the other plays a Draenei? A complete revamp to the profession system, from the ground up, such as combining crafting and gathering professions into one, or allowing any character to have every gathering profession without taking up profession slots — or even a complete change to how crafting itself works, making it more intricate (and useful)?

What do you think? Is it time for World of Warcraft to take some bolder moves, pushing the envelope of how far things can change with each expansion? Do you think the game needs to move ever closer to becoming a completely separate entity from World of Warcraft Classic, and a more modernized type of MMORPG? Or are you satisfied with the way things are, and not really looking for any major changes to WoW? Let us know!