Lentil Carrot Hot Dogs

(Veggie Desserts)

Now that we’re in the height of summer and it’s grilling season, hot dogs are a go-to favorite of mine and a basic at any grilling party. The only thing is, what if you’re vegan or trying to eat a plant-based diet?

Don’t fret, because with vegan hot dogs making their appearance everywhere, even vegans can enjoy their grilled hot dog on a bun!

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What Are Vegan Hot Dogs Made Of?

Vegan hot dogs basically look just like normal hot dogs, with the main exception being that they are completely made with plant-based ingredients such as vegetables (usually carrots) or plant-based protein such as soy, seitan or lentils.

While normal meat-based hot dogs use intestines for the casing, vegan hot dog casing is usually made with cellulose or some other plant-based ingredients.

Where to Buy Vegan Hot Dogs

Most large supermarkets and specialty food stores offer a variety of vegan hot dogs, so they are relatively easy to find.

How to Make and Cook Vegan Hot Dogs

If you want to make your own homemade vegan hot dogs instead of buying them, that’s not a problem. You can either use steamed carrots that have been cut into the shape of a hot dog, and then marinate them with spices and condiments before grilling them, or you can make a “dough” from plant based protein and then shape them into hot dog shapes before cooking them.

Best Vegan Hot Dog Recipes

From simple recipes such as Portobello Mushroom Vegan Hot Dogs and Lentil Carrot Vegan Hot Dogs, to more elaborate recipes such as Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs, Chorizo-Style Seitan Hot Dogs and Coney Island-Style Vegan Hot Dogs, there are plenty to choose from in this roundup.

Here are 18 vegan hot dog recipes so good you won’t even miss the meat! Browse through them, don’t forget to pin your favorites and swap your traditional dogs for something meat and dairy free this summer.

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