Super Sweet Potato

Komodo in Miami, FL is best known for their sushi, dim sum and celeb sightings. The hot spot Southeast Asian fusion restaurant in Brickell takes classics like chicken salad and peking duck to the next level—along with Money Bag Dumplings—but it’s their Gold Flake Sweet Potato that’s really why you go. This thing is on an entirely different wavelength when it comes to sweet potatoes, so it’s no wonder Kylie Jenner, Alex Rodriguez and The Beckham Family have all visited, just to lay eyes on the over-flowing creation that’s finished off with shaved truffles and little flecks of gold leaf.

Now we have to say, the one part of Komodo’s not-so-secret anymore sweet potato recipe that’s a little tricky is the wasabi butter. They use a slightly complicated method to churn this stuff out, but if you don’t have a ton of time (or all the ingredients needed to make homemade wasabi butter), you can easily hack that part with a bit of store-bought wasabi sauce.

The following brands make a wasabi sauce of sorts and a little goes a long way:

Inglehoffer Wasabi Horseradish, 9.5 Ounce Squeeze Bottle (Pack of 6)
Kikkoman, Wasabi Sauce, 9.25oz Bottle (Pack of 2)
Silver Springs Sauce Wasabi, 9.25 oz

The rest of this sweet potato recipe comes together pretty quickly at the end, after you have the sweet potato mix mastered, which we’ve outlined how to do here.

How to Make Your Own Sweet Potato Mix