liam neeson and charles bronson

He says, in part … "I just turned 69 years of age, and the conversations I have with my agent now are, ‘Liam, have you read this script? It’s an action script,’ and I say, ‘Chris, let me ask you this, they do know what age I am, right?’ ‘Yes, they do.’ ‘Okay, that’s all I want to know, thank you.’" So, yeah … everyone seems to be in on the secret — he’s a senior citizen!

Liam adds, "That being said, I keep reasonably fit, and you just have to for some of these films. If you’re playing the lead in any film, you have the responsibility; you’re in practically every scene, it behooves you to be fit. You don’t have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger at the age of 35, but you have to have stamina."

Of course, Liam as the modern-day Stallone/Willis/Schwarzenegger can largely be attributed to his standout action film, "Taken," which became a cultural hit … and apparently led to Hollywood honchos thinking LN would be THE perfect guy to whoop on baddies going forward.

And, hey … the dude’s not complaining either. Seems like he’s taking this bizarro typecasting in stride — but he’d be far from the first mainstream actor to be playing an older gun blazer.