Another week on TikTok promises another clever food combination. First, it was pancake cereal, the micro flapjacks we drizzled in syrup and tossed into our oat milk. Next, we scrolled upon barbecued corn "ribs," the bite-sized corn pieces that curl up when cooking. And after carrot bacon and ice cream bread collected millions of views on the platform, it was quite clear: People are spending tons of time experimenting in the kitchen. Maybe home cooks are just trying to break up the pandemic monotony. Or maybe creators are mashing up foods for the sole purpose of going viral. Either way, we can’t wait to see what air-fried, beer-battered, chocolate-covered treats TikTok chefs will upload next.

This week’s kitchen concoction? Ranch pickles, the zesty spin on our go-to refreshing snack.

The trend comes to us from Jen Curley, aka @snackqween on TikTok. Her username is fitting, since the food connoisseur has filmed herself trying everything from cream cheese-dipped strawberries to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos wrapped in string cheese. Playing to Curley’s adventurous food spirit, followers dream up eclectic snack combinations and challenge the TikTok star to try them on camera. Curley, who has over 500K subscribers on the video app, rarely disappoints (even when one commenter requested she try raw broccoli smothered in peanut butter).