the right move

Sara Haines says "The View" should replace Meghan McCain with someone who shares her views … i.e. another conservative.

We got "The View" cohost leaving Thursday’s taping in NYC just moments after Meghan announced she’s leaving the show after 4 seasons. Sara, who BTW has great fashion taste, tells us it’s her hope the show adds another panelist who brings diverse opinions.

She says the reason is simple … despite the name of the show in the singular … it’s best when it represents different views, although Meghan was the lone, conservative wolf.

What’s more … Sara says the so-called bad blood between Meghan and the other cohosts is not why she’s bouncing. Simply put … Sara says the pandemic made Meghan re-assess what matters to her right now … and it’s being in D.C. full time with her baby girl. Production sources tell TMZ … the arguments that became super personal did take their toll on her.

As far as getting along … check out what Sara says she and Meghan have in store to celebrate her 4-year run on the show … if and when Meghan ever returns to NYC.