Coffeehouse blended drinks can harbor a lot of added sugar and not much else, which boosts your energy, sure — followed by a slump. This decadent-tasting, brain-boosting (thanks to healthful compounds in the coffee and chocolate) version uses unsweetened cold-brew coffee, available in most supermarkets, plus almond butter and yogurt for protein with enough heft to make a great breakfast-on-go that keeps you satisfied and sustains your energy all morning long. Soaked dried dates add a touch of subtle sweetness — and good-for-you fiber.

Chocolate Cold-Brew Coffee Frap


  • 1 cup unsweetened cold-brew Community coffee
  • Toppings: blueberries, finely shredded coconut and/or cocoa nibs (optional)
  • Place dates in a small bowl. Add just enough hot water to cover; let stand 15 minutes. Combine dates and water, coffee, ice, yogurt, almond butter, cocoa powder and cardamom in a blender; puree. Pour into a glass; garnish with blueberries, coconut and/or cocoa nibs, if desired.

Serves 1. Per serving: 304 cal, 19g fat, 4mg chol, 11g prot, 28g carbs, 20g sugar, 6g fiber, 121mg sodium