Wiz Khalifa has COVID-19.

The rapper, 33, tweeted his diagnosis Wednesday. "Okay, loved ones….sooo…..Ya boy got covid. No symptoms. Just stay away from me for a lil while," he wrote.

Khalifa continued with his plans for quarantine. "While im in the house I’ll be givin y’all new content, planning raves, and readying this new project," he tweeted.

It is not known whether or not Khalifa received the COVID-19 vaccine, People reports. The rapper previously tweeted, "Y’all can have them masks fam," in June 2020.

COVID-19 cases have been rising in Los Angeles, where Khalifa owns a $4.6 million mansion. The cases are primarily from unvaccinated people, though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that contracting COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated is possible and that these are called "vaccine breakthrough cases".

The Associated Press reported last month that only about .8 percent of deaths related to the virus in May occurred in fully vaccinated people or about 150 of 18,000 total.