Chrissy Teigen has decided to stay out of everyone’s lives.

TMZ paparazzi caught up with the “Cravings” cookbook author, who told them she’s avoiding trouble by minding her own business.

“I have decided I’m not getting involved in anyone’s s–t ever again,” she told the camera operators.

When asked how long she could be a member of the “cancel club,” Teigen laughed and said, “I don’t know, it could be forever. I have no idea. I don’t know.”

Seemingly trying to move on from the scandal, which first began when Courtney Stodden accused her of cyberbullying, Teigen explained she is focusing on her life at home.

“All I can do is live my life and take care of my kids and family,” she said. “Everyone else can make their choice.”

Chrissy Teigen is trying to mind her own business since gaining entry into the “cancel club.”

The former Sports Illustrated model revealed other “members” of the cancel club have reached out to her, and “they’ve been amazing.”

Last week, 35-year-old Teigen addressed her membership in the “cancel club” after returning to social media having pretended “nothing happened in this online world.”

Teigen and husband John Legend jetted off to Italy amid her Courtney Stodden scandal.
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“[I] feel like utter s–t in real life. Going outside sucks and doesn’t feel right, being at home alone with my mind makes my depressed head race,” she wrote. “But I do know that however I’m handling this now isn’t the right answer. I feel lost and need to find my place again, I need to snap out of this, I desperately wanna communicate with you guys instead of pretending everything is okay.”

Despite saying going outside “sucks,” she and husband John Legend had no problem jetting off to Italy for a luxe vacation with their kids — daughter Luna, 5, and son Miles, 3 — and showed off the trip on Instagram.

Dr. Ian Smith has filed suit against those involved in his former TV home,
Dr. Ian Smith has filed suit against those involved in his former TV show, "The Doctors." Eric Klein

The medical talk show “The Doctors” has been hit with more racism allegations.

On Monday, ex-host Dr. Ian Smith, who is black, filed an unlawful termination complaint against distributor ViacomCBS, production company Stage 29 Productions, Dr. Phil’s son Jay McGraw, who heads the firm, and the show’s executive producer Patty Ciano.

Dr. Smith, who also alleges Ciano sexually harassed him, was hired to co-host the show in 2013 for its sixth season. But the suit claims he wasn’t invited back for the seventh season after he “voiced complaints regarding discrimination which he experienced and observed.”

In the suit, he complained, among other things, that “African-American hosts were on fewer shows than white hosts. African-American hosts were paid less than white hosts. African-American hosts were not in as many integration segments as white hosts. There were not enough African-American producers.”

Ciano approached Dr. Smith in 2020 about becoming the solo host of the show following the killing of George Floyd and civil unrest around the country. “[Dr. Smith] specifically said that there had been racial issues during his first tenure and unfair treatment of African-American hosts. He said that he would return only if that conduct was not going to be repeated,” the suit states.

“[Ciano] assured him that things had changed for the better, the show would be committed to fair treatment and there would not be any discriminatory behavior,” according to the suit.

Dr. Smith returned, but Ciano continued to ignore his concerns about diversity according to the suit. At one point he suggested “several black producers” who could be added to the show, but, according to the suit, Ciano responded by saying: “I don’t think that’s important right now. We have you as the host. That’s what matters. Besides, I really don’t have the budget to hire any more producers.”

He alleges Ciano hired more white producers two weeks after telling him there was no room in the budget.

The suit also claims that Ciano sexually harassed him and would comment about his physique, “suggesting that he should wear tighter shirts to show off his ‘guns’ more.”

Dr. Smith claims he filed an anonymous complaint, but that “CBS informed [him] that it conducted a full investigation and found no wrongdoing.”

Dr. Smith claims in the suit that he complained to Ciano directly about “racist discriminatory statements” he heard other producers make about him over Zoom and that she dismissed them as “producers being tired after a long week and just venting about their bosses.”

Dr. Smith was terminated and replaced by Dr. Drew Ordon, who is white.

Earlier this year, former co-host Dr. Rachael Ross made similar allegations about Ciano and “The Doctors” to Page Six. She described the workplace as “toxic” and told us Ciano constantly harassed her about her hair. She complained to HR and warned: “If you guys aren’t careful, you’re going to get touted as a really bad place for minorities to work, and they told me they would look into my claims,” she said. Ross told us she was “basically forced out” and her contract wasn’t renewed.

Ciano denied her claims at the time and said, “I am devastated by these unfounded and shocking allegations. I stand by my character and know the truth, that I have been a champion for diverse talent and inclusive stories throughout my entire career. While it is impossible to prove that I did not do something, I can absolutely say these hurtful lies are not true,” she said.

A spokesperson further added: “These baseless allegations are inaccurate and untrue… A lie unchallenged becomes the truth and we absolutely refute these lies.”

They did not get back to us about Dr. Smith’s lawsuit.

Jason Alexander, Britney Spears, Lynne Spears.
Lynne Spears is being accused of controlling her daughter Britney’s life and marriage to Jason Alexander. Getty Images

Britney Spears’ mother, Lynne, forced the singer to annul her 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander, claims divorce attorney Mark Goldberg.

The now-retired lawyer who advised Alexander says that neither the “Toxic” singer nor Alexander wanted the nuptials annulled, but were forced to do so by Lynne Spears and Britney’s management team.

“It was the mother interfering in and inserting herself into her daughter’s life,” Goldberg told the Daily Mail. “She came to Las Vegas, threw Jason out, and got him a plane ticket home.”

Goldberg says that when the young couple called Lynne Spears the morning after the nuptials, “all hell broke loose.”

In January 2004, Spears married Alexander at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. The vows were annulled a scant 55 hours later by a petition that stated the performer “lacked understanding of her actions.” The pair, both now 39, had grown up together in the small town of Kentwood, Louisiana.

Goldberg says Alexander contacted him after the annulment, looking for legal help.

“Jason was looking for advice,” Goldberg remembered. “He was very emotional and upset. Britney had called him to come to Las Vegas. She was there with friends, as I recall, and she paid for his airfare to come.

The Little White Wedding Chapel where Britney and Jason said “I do.”

“As I remember it, it was Britney’s idea to get married. He said they hadn’t been drinking or doing drugs — or at least they weren’t drunk.”

Goldberg says he repeatedly asked Alexander if either of them was incapacitated due to alcohol or drugs, but “he was clear, they weren’t … they just really loved each other.”

“Jason was confused because he loved Britney and he didn’t want to hurt her, but he was very afraid of her mother and management,” he continued. “This wasn’t a stranger she’d just picked up. They had known each other for years. He thought if he played the game and did what they asked, she’d come around, and he and Britney would be together.”

Goldberg noted: “I really believe this particular event had a detrimental impact on Britney Spears’ life — the way she’s been controlled and the toll that has taken.”

Alexander’s version of what happened is remarkably similar to Goldberg’s account.

He recently appeared on the “Toxic: The Britney Spears Story” podcast, where he opened up about the quickie marriage and asserted that he was deceived into signing the annulment.

“They told me if I would sign the contracts — the annulment — they would let me and Britney continue our relationship, and if we felt the same way in six months, they would give us a proper marriage,” Alexander recalled. “So I had no reason to believe otherwise. I thought that’s what the truth was. They were allowing Britney and I to still have phone communication.”

“So we were talking every day and I still believed the story I was told,” he continued. “That they were going to let us continue to talk and then we would have this marriage, right, in the future if we felt the same way.”

But Alexander says that exactly one month after signing the annulment, Spears’ phone mysteriously stopped working.

“Literally the day after, like, the 30 days was up, I remember trying to call the number I had for Britney and it was like, ‘Beep, beep, beep,’” he said. “I’m like, ‘F–k, they got me! Motherf–kers!’ So that was it.”

Seven months later, Spears married dancer Kevin Federline. The couple had two sons, Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14, before Spears filed for divorce in 2006.

The “Crossroads” actress has been in a protracted legal battle with her father over his conservatorship, which she claims has been “abusive.” Britney has retained a new attorney, Matthew Rosengart, to help end the conservatorship.

Lynne Spears’ attorney did not reply for comment.