The year is only halfway done but there have already been a number of brutal boss fights that make you question your sanity. Some are rougher than others but all of them deserve a mention. So let’s take a look at the toughest boss fights of 2021. Spoilers follow so be warned.

Heisenberg (Village of Shadows) – Resident Evil Village

For most players, Village of Shadows difficulty can be somewhat comfortable. Unless you own the Trauma Pack DLC, you’ll likely be going through this on your second playthrough and thus have some nice upgraded weapons to take along. But none of your upgrades, weapons and so on will matter when tackling Heisenberg in the tank section due to the obscene damage he deals. It also doesn’t help that your movement is so limited inside of the tank, making it that much more difficult to survive his attacks and targeting his weak points.

The Last Sentinel – Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy

Atelier Ryza 2 Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy

As an optional boss that becomes available after finishing the story, the Last Sentinel can be fairly tough to take down due to its large health pool and excessive damage. Conquering it requires abusing tools like Recipe Morph and Tool Rebuild to boost your stats to obscene levels. Debuffs and spamming Apocalypse with Ryza goes a long way as well but this isn’t a boss fight that you can just walk into after beating the game and expect to breeze by.

Weiss the Immaculate – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade_02

Unlocked in the Shinra Combat Simulator upon finishing Episode INTERmission, Weiss the Immaculate is the newest superboss and can only be fought in Hard Mode. On top of quick movement and incredible damage, he can Phase Shift and either increase his speed or damage while gaining new abilities. On top of being able to reduce his own stagger gauge, Weiss can also use Immaculate End to kill the party immediately (though there is a limited window to stagger him). Even the Götterdämmerung won’t make things easier since its benefits are nerfed for the encounter.

Hoof Puff (Extreme) – Biomutant

Hoof Puff is one of the World Eaters you’ll have to tackle and is fought while riding the Mjut. The fight on its own isn’t harsh but it can take some time since you’re stunning it to yank its teeth out, avoiding projectiles and distracting it with Glittermoths, and also trying to avoid the hazardous vomit it spews. On Extreme difficulty, it becomes way tougher since Hoof Puff deals more damage and has more health, prolonging the fight and increasing the risk of dying more (especially if your build is less than optimal).

Yagak Reborn – Outriders


As the final Expedition in the game, Eye of the Storm presents the toughest challenge. It starts out with having to capture three Obelisks which is tough considering all of the enemies that spawn. One mistake and you’re stunned, taking Toxic damage and near death almost immediately. Once all that’s done, it’s a fight against Yagak, who’s back and tougher than ever. Though he utilizes some familiar attacks from the last time you fought, his health is simply obscene and enemies like Reavers can chunk down your health in a hurry. Completing this solo may be impossible for most players but even groups will need to go in with some very well optimized set-ups.

Nemesis – Returnal


Returnal’s bosses can be a little weird because of how the different loops work. You’ll have a tougher time with Phrike than, say, Hyperion due to having access to better weapons and perks for the latter. Nemesis can thus be one of the tougher challenges to tackle, especially on your first try, because of its multitude of patterns and strong damage output. It also doesn’t help that you’ll need to do some platforming in the second and third phase, which can leave you vulnerable if you’re not careful.

Di’orbis – CrossCode: A New Home

CrossCode already had some pretty wicked boss fights but Di’orbis outdoes them all. He has 200,000 health and summons his brethren to help fight. Breaking down every single one of the four phases will take a while but the fight as a whole will test your ability set-ups, reflexes, puzzle solving skills and adaptability. And keep in mind that this is all at Normal difficulty.

Apex Rathian – Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Rathian

While not having as many attacks as Allmother Narwa, Apex Rathian is no less of a threat. Along with tons of health, her poison and fire attacks can be near-lethal, especially when dealing with the thorns she leaves on the field that deal damage over time. Couple this with her constant movement and tail swipes, and Apex Rathian feels like the Dreadqueen of old (though slightly more forgiving).

The Feared – Path of Exile

While the Maven could be tougher for some, The Feared invitation is still incredibly painful. It’s essentially a fight against all of the major end-game bosses – Chayula, Atziri, The Shaper, The Elder and Venarious’s Cortex battles. Having to take down each boss quickly enough to avoid being overwhelmed can be tough, especially when needing to be immune to reflected physical damage, avoiding Shaper’s beam and Elder’s Ring of Death, and so on.

Nagoriyuki (Extreme) – Guilty Gear Strive

In Arcade Mode, the difficulty adjusts depending on how many rounds you lose en route to the final boss, Nagoriyuki. Not dropping any rounds in previous stages will see the player fighting him alone and he’s much stronger than normal, dealing more damage, filling up his blood gauge automatically and so on. Defeat him without losing any rounds and you’ll then face a special extreme version of Nagoriyuki with perma-blood rage and even more health. Even with unlimited tries, defeating him is no easy task.

Akira Konoe – Persona 5: Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers

As if Persona 5: Strikers wasn’t awesome enough already, there’s the battle with Tony Stark – I mean, Akira Konoe in the Osaka Jail. Of course, you’ll have to defeat the Zephyrus Mech first which fires lasers, missiles and yes, even a giant Unibeam-style laser from its chest. After the mech is felled, it’s Akira’s turn to fight, utilizing a saber and even Megidoloan to deal hefty amounts of damage.

Apparitor/Progenitor – Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow

Once the fight starts, the Apparitor will dash at you before firing several beams in a row and unleashing fiery shurikens. Dash striking and jumping should be enough to get you through, though it may take a few tries to get used to its attacks. The real boss is the Progenitor which starts firing off all kinds of projectiles. Some of those will even remain stationary on the ground and send projectiles upwards, effectively boxing you in and making it tougher to dodge.

Hemovorous and Vermivorous the Invincible – Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut

As the final raid boss added to the game, Hemovorous the Invincible can be a doozy even without any Mayhem modifiers. It has tons of health, deals tremendous damage, constantly spawns Varkid Larva (that can become Badasses if you’re not careful) and is generally a bad time. But when playing in either Mayhem or True Vault Hunter Mode, you’ll have to deal with Vermivorous the Invincible as well who has the same amount of health. This is on top of potentially hazardous modifiers from Mayhem like increased damage or immunity to elemental damage for enemies.

Final Boss – Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection

Ghosts'n Goblins Resurrection

So after much struggle, you finally defeated the final boss of Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection. But that’s not the true final boss. Upon collecting all of the Demon Orbs, you’ll face off against a mutated version that utilizes similar attacks – lasers and lightning bolts, for example – while throwing others like black holes, on top of tilting the stage. This may not seem like a big deal but this is Ghosts ‘n Goblins – it only takes one or two mistakes to die.