Seth Rogen at a premiere

Apart from the odd cautionary tale, it’s rare for a celebrity to go into explicit detail about their experiences with drugs. Hollywood has always been an image-conscious place by nature, and in the age of social media, public figures are under more scrutiny than ever before. Stars are expected to set a shining example for their fans and followers, meaning drugs aren’t something you’re going to see popping up on verified Insta feeds very often. Of course — as you’re about to see for yourself — famous people still get high, they just have to work a lot harder to hide it. That is, if they actually want to keep it hidden.

It seems that even when you’re world famous, some drug stories are simply too insane not to share. From A-list actors and Grammy-winning singers to Platinum-selling rappers and stand-up comedians, the following celebs have all dished about their wild experiences on drugs.

Ben Stiller called his dad after double-dropping acid

Ben Stiller smiling

Hollywood A-lister Ben Stiller was full of optimism when he tried acid for the first time. "I was hoping for some sort of psychedelic revelation," the actor told Netflix’s "Have a Good Trip" (via Metro). He soon realized that he’d made "a huge mistake," however. After the first acid tab seemed to have no effect, he promptly dropped a second, doubling the intensity of his trip. "Immediately I started to freak out," he said. "We were walking towards where they blow up the balloon animals for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and I started to trip out on that idea. Evil giant inflated characters were flipping up and coming out of 77th Street."

In his panic, he called his dad, actor Jerry Stiller. "My parents were out of town, filming a ‘Love Boat’ episode," the "Zoolander" star went on. "I think he might have thought that I drank some battery acid or something… My dad wasn’t Jerry Garcia, it was Jerry Stiller." Fortunately for the actor, his father had experienced something similar. Well, so he thought. "My dad said, ‘I understand what you’re going through, when I was 10 years old I smoked a Pall Mall cigarette and I was sick for two days.’" Jerry, who died in 2020, eventually managed to calm his tripping son down.

Andrew Garfield rode the pot brownie wave at Disneyland

Andrew Garfield posing at event

When he sat down for an interview with W Magazine, former Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield revealed that he spent his 29th birthday super high in The Happiest Place on Earth. "We went to Disneyland and we ate pot brownies," he said. "It was literally heaven." He was with his then-girlfriend Emma Stone and a bunch of friends, pictures from the day (obtained by BuzzFeed) confirm. Garfield went on "Space Mountain three times in a row" and later "freaked out" during It’s A Small World, he told the mag. "I was like, ‘It is! It is a f****** small world!’"

It’s A Small World is in the Fantasyland area of the park, where the brownies really went to work. According to Garfield, he and his eight friends somehow all ended up on the exact same wavelength. "There was a song that was playing, coming out of the trees," he explained. "At one point we all started to look around going, ‘We’re all doing the same dance! How did this happen?!’" By this point in the day they were all "really f****** high," he said, though their tour guide was apparently none the wiser. "I think she was that innocent and pure of heart that she had no idea that we were on drugs," Garfield added.

Rosie Perez thought she was a mattress after downing an LSD cocktail

Rosie Perez smiling

There’s been a lot of tragedy in Rosie Perez’s life, but the resilient star has plenty of good memories from her pre-Hollywood days, too. She opened up about a wild experience with psychedelic drugs in "Have a Good Trip," revealing that she once downed a drug-laced cocktail on a night out with her sister (via CheatSheet). "All of a sudden, the entire nightclub started to expand," she said. "The wooden floorboards were waving as if they were water on the high seas, and I’m looking at it going, ‘This is beautiful! Oh my gosh!’"

Things were going great until Perez decided she wanted to take a swim. "I went on my back and I started doing the backstroke on the floorboards because they were waves, of course." The dancer and actor had a wardrobe malfunction as she backstroked on the dance floor, but was having such a good time that she didn’t care, she said. It wasn’t until she got home that night that her trip started to turn bad. "When I laid into the bed, I became the bed," the Brooklyn native told the Netflix show (via CheatSheet). "I’m trying to flip myself over, like my body [is] the mattress, and I’m waddling down the hallway — still didn’t occur to me that I was high on acid."

Seth Rogen took so many mushrooms he ended up in another country

Seth Rogen smiling

Believe it or not, Seth Rogen’s best drug story isn’t about weed. Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, the "Pineapple Express" star revealed that he and a friend once had a wild experience on magic mushrooms while visiting Amsterdam. "We decided we were going to do a bunch of mushrooms, because that sounded fun," Rogen, who was 18 at the time of the trip, said. The plan was to buy supplies and have a picnic in the park, but things began going awry when Rogen realized that he needed the bathroom, and quickly. With nowhere else to go, he "burst into a tiny little cafe," terrifying the locals. "I was in there for an hour," he recalled. "I don’t even know if I went."

Rogen set off in search of his friend after finally leaving the cafe bathroom, and he apparently found him in a paranoid state. His pal insisted they hightail it out of the city entirely, and Rogen, who, having eaten way too many mushrooms after a mix-up with the weight, agreed. "We went to the train station while still fully tripping on mushrooms and we bought tickets to Paris," the Canadian star recalled. "We arrived in Paris in the middle of the night as we were kind of sobering up. We were like, ‘Why are we in Paris right now?’" How about that for some shroom-nanigans.

Carrie Fisher shocked Japanese tourists during an LSD trip

Carrie Fisher smiling

Carrie Fisher’s "Have a Good Trip" interview was, as InsideHook noted, among the last that she filmed prior to her death in December 2016. The "Star Wars" icon got candid about her past relationship with LSD, which she described as a "ritual drug" during her segment. "I took a lot of LSD," she said (via "I would organize trips around to places in the world, simply to take acid there." The trouble was, even in far-flung places, people would still recognize her. "I would do these things and forget that I looked like someone named Princess Leia." Fisher revealed that she accidentally gave a bunch of tourists a real eyeful during one of her acid vacays in the Seychelles.

"I’m with my Super 8 movie camera — that’s when this was — and I’m filming my friend," she said on the program. "I can’t imagine that I’m nude, but certainly, I’m topless." The actor joked that she sensed "a disturbance in the Force," and when she spun around, she saw what it was. The secluded stretch of beach that they had chosen for their spontaneous shoot was actually a hotspot for day-trippers, and a "busload of Japanese folk" had just turned up. In a separate interview with Rolling Stone, Fisher revealed that she once did LSD with Paul Simon. "My coat caught fire," she recalled. "We laughed at the flames."

Samuel L. Jackson used to drop acid before theater shows

Samuel L. Jackson smiling

Hollywood megastar Samuel L. Jackson has been open about the fact that he experimented with different types of drugs during his younger years. "I had teachers who told me things like, ‘If you want to be great you have to learn how to be drunk and high and still do the play,’" he recalled during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. "So, we tried it… drink a little wine, smoke a little weed, go on stage, and when you get through that, you’re kinda confident."

Jackson eventually stepped it up a notch and began dropping acid before his shows. This resulted in a couple of trippy performances that must have looked very peculiar to audiences on the night. "I’ve been standing in the middle of the stage and watching my feet sink," the Hollywood veteran told Kimmel. "You just take your feet up out of the floor, walk across the stage, and everybody’s going, ‘Why is he walking like that?’"

Speaking with The Guardian in 2016, Jackson noted that while he was "out of [his] mind a lot of the time," he "had a good reputation" early in his acting career. "I was doing things the right way, it was just that one thing that was in the way — my addiction," he said. And once that was out of the way, it was — boom! The door blew wide open." Jackson has not used drugs since shooting 1991’s "Jungle Fever," which was his first time performing completely sober, he told The Telegraph.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

A$AP Rocky was visited by Roy G. Biv during his first acid trip

A$AP Rocky smiling

Harlem native A$AP Rocky went into explicit detail about his first ever acid trip in Netflix’s "Have a Good Trip," revealing that he shared the memorable experience with a young woman. "We were getting jiggy and whatnot," he said (via Metro). "Everything feels intensified. I’m seeing all types of s***. I’m feeling all types of s***." The rapper went on to say that he could both hear and taste the colors in the room — and things were about to get a whole lot more colorful.

According to A$AP Rocky, something incredible happened in his bedroom that night. "This is a bit graphic," he warned. "But what can I say, it’s no lie. A rainbow shot out of my d***, and it had a sound with it like a piano or some s*** like that! I had no idea why there was a rainbow coming out of my penis. I don’t even like rainbows." His experience was certainly wild, but it was also eye-opening, he revealed. While he couldn’t explain his trip at the time, it all made a lot more sense after a good night’s sleep. "I woke up the next day and told the homie and I say, ‘Yo, I know what the answer to life is. It’s to love each other.’" Finding the answer to life sure wouldn’t be a bad thing to find at the end of a rainbow.

Joel Kim Booster’s face melted after munching LSD-laced Oreos

Joel Kim Booster smiling

You may recognize Joel Kim Booster from his roles in NBC’s "Sunnyside," Hulu original "Shrill," and the Paramount+ revival of "iCarly," but he’s best known for his work on the stand-up circuit. The Korean American is a Comedy Central regular, and he shared a wild story about an LSD trip when he got interviewed for the cable channel’s series "Tales From the Trip." He was on vacation at the time, he recalled. "My friend busts out his LSD, which in this case is in the form of Oreos," said Booster. "We pop a few Oreos and we’re like, ‘Let’s head to the beach, it’s our last day, let’s enjoy it while we can!’"

The "Oreos" went to work the moment he plunged his hands into the sand, which was "starting to sort of float," he said, adding: "The thing about LSD is it turns your entire world into a video game." When hunger struck, the tripping group moved back to their rental in search of snacks. After partaking in "the best pineapple [he’s] ever tasted," Booster decided to put on some music and stare at himself in the mirror. Things got pretty weird ("My face started to melt, I started to look old, I started to see myself as a baby"), but he came away feeling more confident than ever.

Nick Kroll turned into a sea monster during his Malibu mushroom trip

Nick Kroll, smiling

When comedian and actor Nick Kroll found out that his friends were renting a big house in Malibu for an upcoming bachelor party, he decided to, as he put it on "Have a Good Trip," "procure a bunch of mushrooms" for the occasion. They weren’t the only psychoactive substance on the menu that day, either. "People were smoking salvia, so you knew it’s a classy affair," he said. They shared out the mushrooms and went for a paddle in the sea, Kroll revealed, but after realizing that there was "a 90% chance" of drowning, he left the water. By this point, the mushrooms had kicked in big time.

"I’m starting to really roll," he said. "I’ve eaten more mushrooms than everybody else. I see my buddies, and they’re starting to gather a bunch of sea kelp. I see this, and I’m like, ‘I understand what’s going to happen.’" According to Kroll, his friends covered him in around "40 to 50 pounds" of the stuff, and he found it just as funny as they did. "The sea kelp started to move on me, and I’m like, ‘I am the kelp monster!’" He chased his tripping friends around the beach in this form for approximately 45 minutes, he said, adding, "The next day I woke up covered in red welts."

Megan Fox ‘went to hell for eternity’ when she tried ayahuasca with Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox and boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly are among a growing number of celebs who have tried the trendy psychoactive tea ayahuasca, the actor revealed during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" The former star of the "Transformers" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" franchises told guest host Arsenio Hall that she and her rapper beau visited a specialized ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica, and she went expecting a certain level of comfort. "But you get there and you really are in the middle of the jungle," Fox said. "Nothing glamorous about it. It’s all a part of making you vulnerable, so you sort of surrender to the experience."

After downing copious amounts of lemongrass tea to induce vomiting, the empty-stomached celebs began their ayahuasca journey. "We did it for three nights, it was incredibly intense," Fox said. "The second night, I went to hell for eternity. Just knowing it’s eternity is torture in itself, because there’s no beginning, middle, or end." When Hall asked Fox how she knew where she was ("Is there a sign, next exit Hell?" he quipped), she said that what she experienced was more of a personal hell, not a fire and brimstone one. "It just goes straight into your soul, and it takes you to the psychological prison that you hold yourself in," she explained. Sounds chill.

Akilah Hughes was transported to a Fruit Gushers commercial

Akilah Hughes smiling

Comedian and actor Akilah Hughes ended up on a wild trip after attending a disappointing gig in New York, she told Comedy Central’s "Tales From the Trip." Intent on rescuing the evening, she and her friends piled into an apartment in Brooklyn and promptly dropped some acid. "I was on the roof of the building and I just started ugly crying," Hughes recalled. "It was like Kim Kardashian [when] her diamond earrings had fallen in the ocean." When the wailing began to alarm the building’s other residents, they went inside and watched TV. At least, most of them did.

As Hughes’ friends sat down in front of "Freaks and Geeks," she snuck off to the bathroom, where she would remain for approximately an hour. "I looked in the mirror, and I swear to you, I looked 200 years old," she said. "I could see every hair follicle, the one weird chin hair, every pore. It was harrowing." She eventually made it back to her friends, who were preparing to eat some oranges, hoping they would enhance the experience. The taste took Hughes to another world. "I was immediately transported to a ’90s Fruit Gushers commercial where the heads turn into the fruit when they bite into the candy," she said. Talk about a nostalgia trip.

Theo Von almost set his building on fire while high on cocaine

Theo Von,smiling

Comedian and actor Theo Von had an incredibly awkward late-night encounter with his landlord after accidentally setting off his building’s fire alarm while high on cocaine. "I was making a smoothie," he told fellow podcaster Joe Rogan. "I thought I heard something outside, which is kinda weird to even think of when you have a blender going." He went into the hallway to investigate and managed to lock himself out — with the blender still going. "I have to go to my landlord, who lives right down the hall," he recalled. "The fire alarm starts going off in the building right as I’m at his door knocking."

It was around "2:30 in the morning" at this point, and his landlord wasn’t pleased to see him. In his panic, Von told him that he was having a belated Christmas bash. "It was f***** end of January," he said to a highly amused Rogan. "So he comes back to my apartment, he’s f****** pissed. He unlocks the door — and there’s nobody in there." Rogan almost fell off his chair laughing when Von told him that he still lives in the same apartment. He doesn’t get up to the same kind of shenanigans nowadays, however, having joined a 12-step program and finding sobriety.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

The universe ‘cracked open’ when Sting took peyote

Sting looking at camera

Sounds like Sting’s day on his English country farm got pretty weird after he decided to try some dried-out peyote given to him by a friend. As he shared on "Have a Good Trip," the British singer-songwriter consumed his psychoactive gift before noon and went for a stroll, and before long the grass had started "talking" to him. "Very quickly, I enter this psychedelic realm," he said in the interview. "The trees are waving kind of musically at me." He was in his own personal Disney movie as he waltzed back to his farm, but when he arrived, there was a big problem waiting for him.

The former Police frontman was met by the guy looked after the cattle on his farm. He told Sting that one of his cows was in the middle of a traumatic birth, and if he didn’t lend a hand, she wouldn’t survive. "As he’s speaking, I’m getting more and more high," said Sting, who was asked to try and pull the struggling calf out. After 20 minutes of tugging (and "getting higher"), he was successful. "His mother breathes a sigh of relief, and for me, the entire universe is cracked open," the musician added. "It was like the meaning of life." Now, that’s moo-velous.