Britney Spears and her new lawyer have made their move … filing legal docs with the name of a person whom they want to manage the conservatorship … as far as business deals are concerned.

Britney’s lawyer, Matt Rosengart, filed the docs requesting that Jason Rubin be appointed conservatorship of her estate. Rubin is a CPA with lots of credentials which Rosengart presumably believes is perfectly suited to handle Britney’s contracts and other business affairs.

Rubin has experience handling financial, elder abuse litigation and has managed complex trust portfolios … this according to his website.

This all presumes, of course, that Rosengart and Britney can force the removal of Jamie as conservator of her estate.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Rubin would have all financial authority to manage Britney’s estate, along with powers of attorney to make health care decisions, and manage real estate.

The powers of attorney are interesting. Health care decisions have been vested in the conservator of Britney’s person … currently Jodi Montgomery.

According to the docs, Britney and Rosengart also want Rubin to prosecute civil harassment restraining orders.

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The docs list Britney’s cash assets at $2,730,454, and her non-cash assets at $57,666,398. This is almost certainly not her complete financial portfolio. There are a lot of Morgan Stanley accounts listed, and real property (homes) are valued at $8,455,483.

TMZ broke the story … Rosengart will first try to remove Jamie and then make a full-court press to end the conservatorship.

A hearing on Rubin coming in is set for December 13, and Britney says in the docs she plans to personally attend.