Meet the extraordinary family at the heart of Disney’s Encanto in the first trailer for the studio’s all new original animated film.

On Thursday (July 8), Walt Disney Studios unveiled an all new trailer for it’s forthcoming animated feature film, Encanto.

Set in South America, the forthcoming feature centers on the Madrigals— an extraordinary family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town called Encanto.

The town in question is home to a slew of gifted children— all of whom have been blessed by the magic of the town with a unique gift ranging from super strength to the power to heal. But not everyone’s been granted a wondrous gift— in fact, Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz) is the only child who’s never been blessed by the magic.

When Mirabel discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, she might just be the Madrigal family’s last hope.

Watch the first trailer for Disney’s Encanto below!

Others who lend their voices to the animated Disney film along with Beatriz include María Cecilia Botero, Wilmer Valderrama, Adassa, Diane Guerrero, Mauro Castillo, Angie Cepeda, Jessica Darrow, Rhenzy Feliz and Carolina Gaitan.

Also on board is Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote all new songs for the upcoming movie— including “Colombia, Mi Encanto, which you can hear in the trailer above.

Zootopia bets Byron Howard and Jared Bush serve as directors on the movie, along with Charise Castro Smith, who co-directed. In addition, Bush and Smith teamed to write the script.

Disney’s Encanto hits theaters on November 24, 2021.