HBO Max‘s brand new series FBOY Island is the perfect representation of dating app culture. Hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, the reality dating show is not like every other romance reality show you’ve ever seen. While it seems to have been inspired by popular shows The Bachelor and its spinoff Bachelor in Paradise, it also incorporates the provocative nature of shows like Love Island, Temptation Island and Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle.

FBOY Island aspires to harmonize with Tinder and Grindr and the general outlook of dating app users. The social engineering of the series brings to the forefront the transactional nature of electronically enabled modern matchmaking in the trappings of perceived love.

Let’s be real, most contestants on these shows are looking to gain the prize of massive media exposure rather than a life partner. FBOY Island flaunts sexuality to focus more on the game aspect rather than finding true love.

The show centers on a trio of women consisting of Nakia Renee, a singer-songwriter and stylist, CJ Franco, a model and “content creator,” and Sarah Emig, a social media manager and branding consultant.

24 men are placed before them with their mission being to determine who are the 12 self-described “Nice Guys” and who are the “FBoys.” The ladies conversate and mix with the men with the caveat that they will only find out who is which after the men have been eliminated. The last men standing (who haven’t exposed their FBoy nature) have a chance to win $100,000.

If you’ve started watching the show, you would have noticed that the island where it is filmed is a true sandy paradise. Wondering where FBOY Island is filmed? We have the answers for you.


Want to know how you, too, can find peace, love and tranquility at this luxurious beach destination? Sadly, the first three are out of our hands, but we can definitely tell you exactly where FBOY Island takes place.

The good news is, you can stay at the exact Air BnB Luxe villa on the beach where most of the show was filmed, the Kempa Kai. The bad news? For many of us, it’s halfway around the world. The production started filming in early 2021 in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea, near Cuba and Jamaica.

While the villa itself is beautiful, it will cost you a whopping $5,198 per night to stay there.

CJ, Sarah, Nakia, and Nikki on FBOY Island

The property is specifically located at Rum Point, North Side, Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman is approximately 76 square miles, 22 miles long and home to over 50,000 residents. It is knows for its diverse wildlife, clean waters and remoteness.

So, why not sit back and let this stunning island locale take you away, all while you enjoy the reality dating show drama and competition of FBOY Island, now streaming on HBO Max.