The first sign of teething? So much drool. And then your child gets cranky, clingy and weepy, and there’s less sleep going on and a lot more wake-ups. It’s understandable since they’re in pain and don’t know how to make it stop. But it’s not fun for either one of you. Not sure how to soothe a teething baby? We’ve rounded up tips to ease your child’s discomfort. Spoiler alert: Our pro tip is to try Camilia Teething drops—they’re really easy to use and can relieve multiple symptoms associated with teething Even better, Red Tricycle readers can save $2 on Camilia® Teething Drops here. Read on to learn even more tips and tricks to get that gummy grin (and hopefully a bit more sleep) back.

1. Rub baby’s gums. Wash your hands, and then give your baby a gentle gum massage. The pressure from your fingers will counter the pressure of the teeth breaking through. It will feel good and offer your little one some relief from sore, swollen gums.

2. Refrigerate a pacifier. Chilling a pacifier will make it even more soothing and may lightly numb the gums to dull the pain.

3. Wear baby-safe (and baby-approved!) teething necklaces. Teething necklaces look stylish and give your child an easy-to-grab item to gnaw on. Check out our roundup of some of the most stylish teething jewelry.

4. Try teething drops. Teething drops can be a life-saver for sleep-deprived parents. Boiron Camilia Teething Drops are made with plant-based active ingredients like chamomile and come in easy-to-use pre-measured doses—meaning they’re mess-free and so convenient for on-the-go families. These homeopathic drops can be used for babies one month and older, and relieve painful gums, irritability, and minor digestive upsets sometimes associated with teething. Red Tricycle readers can save $2 on Camilia Teething Drops here!

5. Make milk popsicles. Some babies and toddlers refuse to eat while teething, most likely out of discomfort. Keep your little one fed and hydrated while soothing those gums by making milk or formula popsicles. Use BPA-free popsicle forms and fill with either breastmilk or formula. Popsicles can get messy as they start to melt, so slip a bib on your babe and place them on a washable towel or blanket, or over flooring that can easily be cleaned.

6. Serve frozen apple chunks. Cut a large piece of apple, let it chill in the freezer for an hour or more, and offer it to your baby. As with all foods and toys that your child gums on, stay close by to make sure no pieces break off, which could present a choking hazard. A frozen bagel works too.

Camilia® is a worry-free teething medicine that has been soothing teething babies for more than 25 years. Learn more, and save $2 on Camilia here!

7. Try different types of teethers. As you know, babies have strong preferences on lots of things, and teethers are no exception. For shopping help, check out our list of top teethers, from wood and rubber options to teethers you can freeze for cooling comfort.

8. Wear your baby as much as possible. If your teething tot is clingy, strap them into a structured carrier. They’ll feel comforted being close to you, and you can still get things done. Win-win.

9. Keep baby’s face dry. Wiping the waterfall of drool that comes with teething from your baby’s mouth, chin and cheeks help prevent skin irritation, which can add to a baby’s discomfort during teething time.

10. Freeze a wet, textured washcloth. Moisten a textured washcloth, wring it dry, and place in the freezer before giving it to your baby. Terrycloth or a ribbed texture will offer added relief by creating friction as baby gnaws on it.

teething relief comes in pre-measured doses for less stress and no mess. Learn more, and save $2 on Camilia here!


11. Refrigerate a small spoon. A spoon is something your child can hold on their own, chew on, push against their gums, and even play with to distract themselves from teething pain. Keep a few spoons in the fridge so you always have one at the ready. Those new teeth can really sneak up on you.

12. Serve chilled purees. Put pureed foods in the refrigerator prior to feeding your baby so the food is cool on their gums. It will feel nice and may encourage your child to eat more.

13. Give your child a foot massage. Studies in reflexology have identified connections between toes and the head and teeth. Gently massage your child’s foot while focusing on the toes to see if that provides any comfort.

14. Offer extra cuddles. Cuddles are the best treatment. If you’re nursing, offer the breast more often than usual to ensure your baby is nourished and to provide additional comfort. Bottle feeding? Snuggle during and after feeding time.

Camilia is a worry-free teething medicine that relieves painful gums, irritability, and minor digestive disorders sometimes associated with teething—all without benzocaine, preservatives, flavors or sugar. Learn more, and save $2 on Camilia here!

—Jane Putnam


Heading back to school might look a little different this year, but one thing never changes—lunchtime! We’ve rounded up the coolest lunch boxes that parents and kids alike will love: they’re colorful, cute and (most importantly) easy to clean. Boys or girls, sporty or sparkly, or all of the above—there’s a lunch box out there for every type of kid. Keep reading to see them all.

Big Apple Buddies: Delancey Doggie

Meet Delancey. She’ll keep your kid’s food nice and cold, comes with a buckle that makes it easy to attach to a backpack if necessary, and her adorable fuzzy ears are comforting for a preschooler who might be heading to a classroom for the first time. This lunchbag is easy to clean and made with PVC- and BPA-free materials.

Available at, $23.33.

Personalized Lunch Box

This zipper-sided lunch box will never get lost as it comes with your child’s name on the side.

Get yours on Etsy, $33.22.

Eco Reusable Lunch Tote

Older kids will especially like this eco-friendly option made using fully biodegradable material. It snaps closed so you bento boxes don’t fall out in transit.

Get yours on Etsy, $14.50.

Print Lunchbox by L.L.Bean

For older kids on the go all day, from school to lunch to after-school activities, you want a lunchbox that holds up yet won’t take up the whole backpack. Made of the same strong “packcloth” as its school packs and available in the same designs, these insulated, PVC- and PBA-free boxes have lunch covered—in brand new colors and prints, too.

Available at, $19.95.

Skip Hop’s Zoo Collection

Not only is Skip Hop’s animal-themed gear adorable, but as a lunchbox, they’ve got the same quality you know and love from the brand. The roomy insulated interior keeps food and drinks cold, the mesh pocket will keep things organized, the easy-clean material is machine washable and there’s even a clip to attach to a backpack or diaper bag.

Choose a new friend at Amazon, $14.99.

Whiskware Insulated Lunch Cooler

We love the simple design of this lunch box and it’s slim fit is easy to pack in your child’s backpack. They are the perfect size for those long and flat bento boxes that everyone loves.

Get yours at Amazon, $15.99.

Avocado and Oranges Lunch Box

We love these soft lunchbox options that come in fun patterns like avocados, oranges and lemons. They are insulated to keep everything cool.

Get yours on Etsy, $10.79.

Freezable Lunchbox from PackIt

We know and love PackIt’s line of lunchboxes with their chill factor built right into the foldable, freezable bag. You’ll never forget the ice pack again—or take up room fitting it in along with everything else. Choose from cheerful prints like astronauts in space, rainbows and unicorns, and colorful superheroes.

Pick your favorite at, $21.50.

Canvas Lunch Totes

You’ll love the cute patterns for this canvas lunch tote that comes in clouds, pineapples and cactus. A velcro top hold everything in.

Get yours on Etsy, $13.22.

photo: Courtesy of Lands’ End

Kids EZ Wipe Printed Lunch Box

The EZ wipe lunchbox from Land’s End has a widened grab handle, added best-in-class YKK zippers and sturdy mesh pockets for hefty ice packs. It’s made from the same materials as their durable backpacks and can be clipped right onto them as well for convenient carrying. You also won’t have to worry about anything spoiling before lunchtime, as this lunch box is insulated, leak-resistant, and guaranteed to keep ice-packed food cold for five hours. All Lands’ End products actually come with a happiness guarantee! Choose from 10 different print combos, and don’t forget, monogramming is also available for an additional $8.

Order one at, $24.95.

photo: Courtesy of Eco Lunchbox

Lunchbag by Eco Lunchbox

From its cord handle to green-certified screen prints, this handmade lunchbag is organic, machine washable and environmentally friendly. With all the plastic already in our kids’ lives (and oceans), the intention of this eco lunchbox is not to use an ounce of it. Their coordinated Splash Box bento is made of stainless steel and silicone and also helps achieve a zero-waste lunch. Available in sweet seahorse, sea turtle, dolphin, and whale motifs.

Available at, $18.99.


From unicorns to owls, elephants and hearts, there are dozens of different Dabbawalla lunchbags your kiddo can choose from. Each one has an easy-zip closure, mesh pockets for drinks and snacks and a sturdy handle. Made from washable, degradable foam, the hardest part about choosing this bag will be which style!

Available at, $30.

Thermos Soft Lunch Kit

The leader in insulated lunchbox accessories means this bag from Thermos will keep your kiddos lunches nice and cool, or warm. The bag comes with a padded carrying handle, an amazing variety of patterns and is made with 100% PVC free material. It’s constructed with PEVA lining and closed-cell polyethylene foam insulation for the best lunch bag around. You can pick from over 20 styles, too!

Order one from Amazon, $9.98.

Art of Lunch Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bag

This 4 mm-thick neoprene lunch bag from Art of Lunch is fashionable and functional. Made from lead-free and PVC-free materials, this larger-than-average bag is also stain-resistant and machine washable. You’ll be treated to beautiful designs from artists all over the world, all while enjoying a nice chilly lunch. Choose from nine vibrant designs.

Grab one from Amazon, $24.95.

Wildkin Lunch Box

A zippered front pocket, as well as a main compartment, means there’s plenty of room for food, drink and utensils in this bag by Wildkin. It’s made from sturdy and durable fabric and comes with mesh pocket for ice packs. This is a super basic and functional style with lots of design variety.

Check them out on Amazon, $19.99.

Fit & Fresh Kids’ Riley Insulated Lunch Bag with Zipper

The wire frame in First & Fresh’s kids’ lunch bag makes this lunchtime accessory easy to use since it stays open. It’s made with a PEVA lined interior that’s PVC-free and is easy to clean. Oh, and it’s the perfect size for little kids too!

Available at Amazon, $24.25.

Bamboo Eco Friendly Lunch Box from Boon Supply

This sweet and small box is perfect for little kiddos. It’s made from bamboo and melamine, comes with a rubber band for a snug fit and fits up to four cups of food. The best part? When you buy from Boon Supply, the company will donate 40 percent of the proceeds to support a local organization of your choice.

Available at, $15

photo: Christine McFaul

1954 by Blended Designs

When Casey Kelley went looking for a backpack for her son that reflected faces of color, she found little available. So she added her own designs to the back-to-school lineup—and an important voice, as each bag in their 1954 collection, an homage to Brown v Board of Education, proclaims: “I can do anything!” The empowering message and is key to Blended Designs’ goal to encourage students to do their best. We also love their commitment to partnering with local community organizations in order to give away their backpacks, lunchboxes and accessories to students in less-advantaged schools for free.

Available at, $19.95

Mackenzie Lunchbags by Pottery Barn Kids

Lunchbags from Pottery Barn Kids are high-quality mainstays. The Mackenzie collection comes in one of five styles and a bona fide bevy of prints and patterns—with tons that are brand new, from glitter to Minecraft, solid prints to glow-in-the-dark solar systems and more. You can choose between the classic lunchbox or the cold box, which comes with an ice pack that also serves as a box divider.

Available at, starting at $24.50 (get them for as low as $17 during their limited time offer!)

Sustainable Lunchbox from Out of the Woods

A lunchbox that’s washable but also made from paper? We’re all ears. This new range of lunchboxes from Out of the Woods looks sleek, almost if made out of leather, but in fact, is made from sustainable materials. Plus, the herringbone trim and anti-leak tight seams give it a modern look.

Find it at, starting at $15.

The Arcade from Parkland

Not only are the lunchbags from Parkland made from recycled water bottles, but they come in super fun patterns, many of which match their backpack collection. The insulated interior is easy to clean and the velcro closure is easy for kids who have a limited lunch period.

Available at, $19.99.

—Gabby Cullen with Jennifer Massoni Pardini

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication all items were available for purchase.

All images courtesy of retailers


Summertime is all about fun in the sun and time outdoors, but we can’t spend every day at the pool or the park. Whether you’re looking to escape the heat, the rain or the scorching sun, we have five fun-filled ways to spend a summer day indoors!

This article is presented by Google Kids Space, a new kids mode on select Android tablets that features apps, books and videos for your kids to explore, learn and have fun*. Learn more about Google Kids Space here!

Build an Obstacle Course

An at-home obstacle course is a DIY fort mixed with adrenaline! Rearrange the furniture and make your own obstacles out of household items: painter’s tape is an easy way to create stepping stones and balance beams, a large cardboard box can easily be turned into a tunnel and a laundry basket and dryer balls work great for a mini game of hoops. See more obstacle course inspiration here.

Explore Their Interests with Google Kids Space

Your kids want screen time and you want to make sure it’s quality screen time, with easily accessible content that’s age-appropriate, engaging and inspiring. Enter Google Kids Space, a new kids mode on select Android tablets that gives your little one a custom experience based on their age and interests and provides content to spark their creativity and discover off-screen activities*. There’s even a section called Make that focuses on hands-on offline entertainment for kids, like learning to draw their favorite characters or silly science experiments they can do at home. Whether your kid is interested in dinosaurs or drawing, they’ll be able to find loads of entertaining and educational content—it’s all included within Google Kids Space’s library of content! Learn more about Google Kids Space here.

Get Crafty with Paper

You don’t need a ton of craft supplies to get creative! Whether you have construction paper, computer paper or yesterday’s newspaper, you have everything you need for a fun hands-on project. Try out origami, see if you can make a paper airplane or make cute matching bracelets. Get instructions for 34 easy paper crafts here.

Make Your Own Band

Sure, guitar is cool, but have you played a DIY pan flute? Get crafty by making your own instruments out of common household items like cardboard boxes, rubber bands and empty toilet paper rolls. Once you have a little practice, your kids can team up to make their own band and play some of their favorite tunes! Get instructions for 26 DIY musical instruments here.

Try an At-Home Science Experiment

DIY science experiments are the perfect combo of entertainment and education. When your kid is making their own slime or invisible ink, they’ll also be learning about polymers and oxidation! Things may get a little messy, which is why we’ve ranked our at-home science experiments on a scale of one to five sponges so you can be prepared. See 59 at-home science experiments here.

*Google Kids Space requires a Google Account for your child. Parental controls require the Family Link app on a supported Android, Chromebook, or iOS device. Books and video content not available in all regions. Video content subject to availability of YouTube Kids app. Books content requires the Google Play Books app. Availability of apps, books, and video content may change without notice. Google Assistant not available in Google Kids Space.