Apex Legends Titanfall Hacks allegations Save Titanfall p0358 cover

The Apex Legends and Titanfall hacks that were brought into the spotlight in recent months were allegedly caused by former members of the "Save Titanfall" team according to a new report from current members.

Last month, I interviewed DirectXeon and p0358, admins of two distinct Discord communities that were, at the time, part of the Save Titanfall project. The Save Titanfall project was created to highlight a number of serious issues with Titanfall (and later Titanfall 2) — namely, the fact that someone was repeatedly hacking and DDOSing the game’s servers and rendering it entirely unplayable.

The Titanfall games were popular enough in their heydey, but their player count today doesn’t quite compare to the past and the severity of this situation flew under the radar for some time. It might have stayed that way were it not for a strange happening with Apex Legendssomeone breached the game’s servers and effectively disabled them for the better part of a day while also pointing people towards the Save Titanfall website.

Both the Save Titanfall team and the hacker denied any association with one another. Shortly thereafter, p0358 and the "TF Remnant Fleet" Discord server parted ways with the Save Titanfall project, leaving the NoSkill Community headed up by DirectXeon in charge of the Save Titanfall website.

Now, the remaining members of the Save Titanfall team have released a new report which alleges that p0358 and several co-conspirators were behind the Apex Legends and Titanfall hacks for the strangest of reasons — they wanted to somehow revive an old free-to-play version of Titanfall created by Nexon for the Asian market. A video from Upper Echelon Gamers breaks things down quite nicely based on the report from the Save Titanfall team:

Save Titanfall’s Transparency Report Details Apex Legends and Titanfall Hacks

The current Save Titanfall team has released a report on the Apex Legends and Titanfall hacks. The intro page for the report explains why it was created and the report itself has an impressive amount of evidence included in a separate folder.

"This is not only the story of gamers who cannot play the game that they paid for: we are human beings who built and invested time in the community," read the report’s intro. "We are the community. We build relationships, share our creativity, teach each other and help each other. Titanfall is only the background dressing."

"Not only are doxxing, harassment[,] and hacking illegal, but they are also destructive towards the Titanfall community," the intro continued. "We should not let a handful of individuals speak in the name of what we’ve built– they are willing to sacrifice this for their personal interest."

The Save Titanfall Transparency Report states that a hacker named "Jeanue" was said to be the source of all of the problems with the Apex Legends and Titanfall hacks. However, it proceeds to accuse TF Remnant Fleet administrator p0358 and TF Remnant Fleet members dogecore and MrSteyk of being the actual people behind the DDOS attacks and other problems that have been going on with Respawn Entertainment’s games in recent months. It further alleges that TF Remnant Fleet Discord server admin RedShield helped organize this operation, although it notes that he was not meaningfully involved in the technical execution.

A total of 40 pages show screenshots of Discord conversations which purport to show these parties publicly claiming no involvement with the Apex Legends and Titanfall hacks. Several alleged screenshots of private conversations, however, appear to show the group planning and executing various disruptions for these games.

Supplementing the 40-page Save Titanfall Transparency Report is a folder containing associated evidence cited throughout the report. Aside from screenshots, there are also videos of screen captures that scroll through chat conversations and highlight the names of people in Discord, ostensibly to further prove the authenticity of these chats.

The strangest allegation of all, however, is the supposed motivation behind the attacks on Respawn Entertainment’s games: the group wished to revive Titanfall Online after getting Titanfall and Titanfall 2 shut down. Titanfall Online is a canceled free-to-play version of Titanfall that was intended for the Asian market; it was never publicly released aside from a closed beta test.

After some time, the allegations in the Save Titanfall Transparency Report were addressed by TF Remnant Fleet Discord admin RedShield in the server’s #announcements-local channel.

Apex Legends Titanfall Hacks allegations RedShield Discord statement
TF Remnant Fleet Discord admin RedShield released the following statements regarding the allegations brought against him and others.

"In the interest of transparency, I’ve been in contact with Upper Echelon for a few hours now, I’ll get them a tour of the secret channels, they’ll get their fill, you’ll get your fill, and everything will be cleared up and we can go back to enjoying Titanfall," read a portion of RedShield’s statement.

"In the [meantime], I’d like everyone to know that we’re not behind Titanfall 1 attacks, Titanfall 2 attacks, Apex Legends attacks."

Subsequent replies by RedShield (as seen in the above screenshot) assert that the accusations in the Save Titanfall Transparency Report are false (with some exceptions), but the screenshots and videos contained in the included evidence are real.

"I have never gone out of my way to crash lobbies in any Titanfall 1 lobby, Titanfall 2 lobby, or Apex Legends lobby," RedShield’s statement continued. "The only time I’ve ever been involved with a crash was months ago when a community member asked me to help them test a new exploit they’d found to see if it’d work. A controlled test where only agreeing individuals were involved, for science and documentation. I had no reason to believe it was for malicious intent, nor do I have any reason now."

In summary: TF Remnant Fleet’s Discord server admin RedShield says that the screenshots included in the Save Titanfall Transparency Report are genuine, but they "took stuff out of context" and don’t paint the full picture of what’s going on. You can download the Save Titanfall Transparency Report to see all of the provided evidence and decide for yourself.

There are no real answers here. If these allegations are true, the accused parties could be in some serious legal trouble. And then there’s the matter of the Titanfall and Apex Legends games — what’s going to happen in the future? Unfortunately, this whole event has created more questions than answers, and I suspect that we won’t likely find out the whole truth for quite some time.

What do you think of the allegations surrounding the Apex Legends and Titanfall hacks? Do you think Respawn Entertainment will be able to finally get a handle on preventing these problems in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!

apex legends

Apex Legends is here, and it’s a little unlike other battle royale games. Respawn’s latest features revives, classes, and three person squads. Gameplay is fast, frantic, and can be confusing to newer players—especially with the lack of a thorough tutorial.

If you’ve been struggling with the game or are looking to add a few more wins to your roster, check out these six tips to up your game.

Apex Legends only has 60 players on the map. Because of this, there are always empty spaces to explore. Instead of dropping out of the ship right away, take some time and see where other squads are going. Take note of their smoke trails and pick a drop point far apart from competitors. That way, you can be sure to explore an area yourself and find some good loot.

In the vein of staying alive, keep in mind that the circle takes a while to move inwards. Don’t rush inside of it. Once the timer goes down, stroll towards the safe area as you loot the areas on the way. Then, wait right outside of it in a covered area. This way, you can catch any stragglers rushing inside last minute and flank them before moving in yourself, free from harm.

Every ability in Apex Legends has a primary use case. Sure, Bangalore’s smoke is useful when you need a breather, but have you tried using it to distract or even mislead players? One of my best moments was during a shootout between myself and another squad. I shot a smoke to the left of our fight while my team stayed in cover. I ran to the right while the enemy stayed distracted by the smoke on the left. While I maneuvered behind the enemy, my squad moved up to open fire. The enemy was left scrambling to shoot back while I threw another smoke down from behind and sprinted in for the flank. We wiped them with no issue.

Smoke grenades can make or break a battle.

Use Lifeline’s care package drop as bait instead of looting it right away. Pull enemies closer to you with Pathfinder’s grappling hook, separating squads from each other. Tease players with Wraith’s portal, only to gun them down as they move inside it. Take advantage of players’ curiosity, and you’ll find yourself winning more fights than ever.

Play this game with a headset on. Seriously. In Apex Legends, enemies can hear you even when walking around. I’ve noticed that you can hear somebody at all times unless they’re crouching. When sneaking up on enemies, make sure you crouch and move slowly. If you stop and slow down, you’ll hear enemies trying to flank you on the other side of the wall or on different floors than you. Make sure to close doors behind you as well. When opened, doors make a sound so you can hear players trying to move in from behind. It seems that this game is all about running around, but slowing down to listen will keep you alive much longer.

Listen in and you can get the drop on people. Even punch them to death.

Gunshots echo throughout the map, too. You can hear battles happen from far away. Sneak up on fights and see where squads are going at it. Make a point to wait until one kills the other, then flank the survivors as they’re healing up and grab loot from both squads.

You know that big dropship that appears at the beginning of each match? It usually has fantastic gear. If you’re confident in your squad, rush out of the starting ship and drop onto that thing as early as possible. More often than not, only one or two other teams try to land on it. If you can get there first, you’ll have easy access to a ton of great weapons and high-level shields. Then you can fight off anyone who lands there after you.

Pick your heroes accordingly. There’s no reason you should have two support classes. Instead, choose your classes based on skills that complement each other. Bangalore’s smoke can combine with Bloodhound’s see-all ability or Lifeline’s quick heal passive. Throw down Gibraltar’s shield with Caustic’s poisonous Nox traps to make an easy getaway. Mirage’s ultimate decoys can distract a squad while Pathfinder can set up a zip line for flanking. Most of these skills work great together. Ensure that you talk with your team to activate them in unison.

Take advantage of your abilities or you’ll be on the receiving end of this pistol.

Every once and a while you’ll notice little robots that look like the Apex loot boxes you open after each level up. Punch these open for decent loot. I’ve found purple shields, heavy-ammo weapons, and epic attachments doing this. They’re hard to find, but I notice players running past these little creatures quite often. Don’t make that same mistake.

There isn’t any one way to win Apex Legends. However, there are ways to keep yourself alive longer. The point of the game is to stick together and be aware of other squads. Focus in, use your abilities wisely, and pay attention to your surroundings. You’ll notice yourself getting closer to a win every round.

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