best ps5 indie games ranked

From Bugsnax to The Pathless, there are plenty of great PS5 indie games that you can buy right now. In this constant updated guide we’ll let you know what the best PS5 indie games in August 2021 are on Sony‘s PlayStation 5 console. For further reading, you might want to check out our best PS5 horror games, best PS5 racing games and best PS5 platformer games features too. Furthermore, we also have guides that cover all the PS4 games that perform best on PS5 and all the PS4 games that have issues when played on PS5. Additionally, you can also catch up on all things PlayStation 5 with our constantly updated PS5 complete guide.

Best PS5 Indie Games Ranked In August 2021

Best PS5 indie games ranked in August 2021:

1. Maquette

Regarded by many as the best indie debut in years, Maquette is a stunning little PS5 indie puzzler that was part of the PlayStation Plus March 2021 line-up of games.

A recursive puzzle effort where everything can at once be tiny as well as absolutely huge, Maquette combines a heartstring tugging narrative with superb visuals and some of the most superbly satisfying puzzles that you’ll ever solve. A beautiful PS5 indie effort with buckets of charm and a substantial supply of conundrums for players to solve, Maquette is a sterling PS5 indie to say the least.

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2. Bugsnax

A whimsical adventure for the ages from developer Young Horses, Bugsnax whisks players off on an adventure to Snaktooth Island, a vast rural expanse that is home to the titular Bugsnax; creatures that are half bug, half snack and all delicious.

Oozing more charm out of its pixels than many games have across their entire duration, Bugsnax has you cutting across the island cataloguing all the different Bugsnax while you search for your missing host, the intrepid Elizabert Megafig. Bright, colorful, funny and with an unyielding sense of discover, Bugsnax is an essential indie title for PlayStation 5.

3. The Pathless

From the same boundless imaginations that brought us fantastic underwater odyssey ABZÛ, The Pathless is a true, next generation indie game in every way one can be.

As a skilled archer drawn who finds themselves drawn to a mystical, sprawling forest with an eagle companion in tow, The Pathless is an opulent open world adventure that deftly melds the low key silent beauty of ABZÛ with the titan smashing delights of Shadow of the Colossus. You need to play The Pathless – it’s as simple as that.

4. Temtem

Given that the Pokemon franchise is a Nintendo exclusive, the likelihood of it coming to PlayStation platforms is something of a extraordinarily thin proposition indeed. It just ain’t happening folks.

Thank Crom then for Temtem! An MMORPG inspired by Nintendo’s classic monster battling franchise, Temtem captures everything that you’d expect to see in a game that holds Pokemon as such a steadfast influence. From capturing hundreds of different Temtem and then battling them, exploring a wide variety of different continents and embarking on an ever-growing campaign storyline, Temtem is the closest PS5 owners will ever get to having Pokemon on their system.

5. Haven

From the developers behind Furi comes Haven, a beautifully meditative tale which focuses on the love between two young explorers who have exiled themselves far from home.

An eye-catching, open-world action adventure which unfolds across many different alien habitats, Haven is as much about exploring mysterious planets and discovering new life forms, as it is trying to keep a steady relationship with the one that you love when you’re both so far from home. A delightful Sunday afternoon of a game, there’s nothing else quite like Haven on PS5 that’s for sure.

6. Overcooked: All You Can Eat

If there’s one enduring truth in videogames it’s that the Overcooked games never fail to elicit laughter and fun (and sometimes rage from previously meek people) in fairly equal quantity. Not to be left off of Sony’s latest lump of gaming silicon, Overcooked All You Can Eat not only brings together both Overcooked! games from the previous console generation and all the DLC released for both games, but it generously sprinkles a vivid 4K resolution and 60 frames per second sheen on it all to boot.

For the uninitiated, the Overcooked! games are some of the most fun you can have with friends. Best played in local multiplayer, Overcooked! casts you as a chef who must quickly prepare specific meals for demanding customers. You’ll do everything from cutting vegetables and heating ingredients, to wiping dishes and handing over the finished dish. More than that, you’ll have to contend with your surroundings too – in one level you could find yourself cooking meals on a slippery glacier, while in another you could be sizzling steaks on top of a moving truck. Overcooked! All You Can Eat is the definitive way to experience this madness.

7. Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition

A much more relaxed affair than perhaps any other PS5 game on this list, Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition is a single-player, third-person adventure which envelops players in the rural beauty of Iceland.

As a regular fox, players must delve deep into the caves, forests and rivers of Iceland’s stunning landscape as they pursue the titular Spirit of the North in this arresting audio-visual odyssey.

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