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Blake Moynes was an early fan favorite on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette, and he continued to win people over when Clare chose Dale Moss after two weeks of filming and the show pivoted to help Tayshia Adams find love. But Tayshia ended up sending Blake home on week nine, and that was that for him—or, at least, it seemed.

On episode 4, which aired on June 29, 2021, Blake Moynes officially made his return to Bachelor Nation. After being told she had a mystery man who wanted to meet her, Katie opened the door to see Moynes. The two had previously talked on social media, and he told her he wanted to become a suitor, promising her they would get engaged at the end if he made it that far. Katie took some time to think about it, but ultimately said yes at the end of the episode, inviting him to stay on the show. And if you’ve been watching all season, you know that Moynes makes it pretty far in Katie’s season—all the way to the end. So does Moynes and Thurston end up together? Keep reading for spoilers!

It’s been a minute since Blake was on your TV, so you probably have some questions about who, exactly, he is. Here’s a refresh!

Who is Blake Moynes?

How old is Blake Moynes?

Blake is 29 years old or, at least, he was when he filmed Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette. There’s a chance he’s 30 now.

How tall is Blake Moynes?

Blake earned the nickname “Big Blake” on The Bachelorette because of his tall stature. While his Bachelorette and Instagram bios don’t list his height, there are reports floating out there that he’s six feet tall.

Who is Blake Moynes’ ex-girlfriend?

Blake hilariously sculpted a penis during his group date with Tayshia on The Bachelorette, and he said during the “RepuTayshia” episode of The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast that his artwork was inspired by his ex.

“First off, I think I was just [thinking] ‘What’s important to me? What’s been missing in my life for a long period of time?’” he said. “And since my ex-girlfriend, which was two years ago, it had been a long time since I had had sex and love.” Blake hasn’t publicly identified his ex, though, and Instagram doesn’t offer any clues. Technically, though, Tayshia and Clare could be considered his exes.

Where is Blake Moynes from?

Canada! Blake regularly posts about his home country on Instagram, even hilariously posting a Canadian maple leaf on his profile next to the word, “eh.”

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He loves animals

Blake is actually a wildlife manager. His former Bachelorette bio said that he “studied every kind of wildlife management program he could get his hands on” in college and now “spends his days happily working outdoors.” He also volunteers to work with a different endangered species every year, his bio says.

He’s a romantic

According to his Bachelor bio, Blake’s friends are married and he’s “the last single man remaining.” He also said he has “no problems talking about his emotions” and wants someone “who will appreciate that he wears his heart on his sleeve.”

What happened between Blake Moynes and Clare Crawley?

After Bachelorette producers announced that Clare would be replaced on the show by Tayshia Adams, the contestants were given some time to think about whether they wanted to stick around. Blake, who had an early connection with Clare, took it hard—and he said in a later interview that he thinks that created issues in his future relationship with Tayshia.

“If it was Tayshia from the beginning, I think my story would have been a little bit different. It was tough because I felt, like, even emotionally, I could feel it, like, she could see something there,” Blake told Us Weekly. “And it was so frustrating to get in the limo and be like, ‘There’s something here but you’re just not letting it happen.’ And that was the most unfortunate.” Tayshia sent him home after their one-on-one date and eventually ended up engaged to Zac Clark.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Does Katie Thurston pick Blake Moynes?

On June 23, Reality Steve revealed that Katie Thurston is engaged to Blake Moynes. “However, as of this moment, I do not know how the final 4 breakdown occurs that gets us to this point. I just know that Katie got engaged to Blake at the end of filming and they’re still together.”

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