Kaley Cuoco is enraged at the trainer in the Olympics who hit her horse with her fist, calling the move "classless" and "abusive."

Kaley launched hard on Annika Schleu and Kim Raisner from Germany, who tried in vain to get Saint Boy to jump during the event. The coach, Kim Raisner, is also seen in video slapping the horse. She was disqualified for her misconduct.

Kaley said, "I feel it’s my duty and heart to comment on this disgrace. This is not Olympic show jumping. This is a disgusting, classless, abusive representation of our sport in so many ways. this team should be ashamed of themselves." She punctuated her comments with a photo of Schleu.

Kaley, who’s an accomplished rider, is married to horse trainer Karl Cook.

And, Kaley wasn’t done … "You and your team did not do your country proud or this sport. You make us look bad. Shame on you and godspeed to any animal that comes in contact with you."

And, there’s more … "Pure classless behavior right here. Disgusting on all levels. This is not our sport. This does not represent our sport, This rider and her ‘trainer’ are a disgrace."

Kaley ended this way … "I’ll buy that horse outright and show it the life it should have. Name your price."

That would undeniably be a good move for the horse.