The Sneaky Makeup Trick Meghan Markle Uses (and We Just Now Noticed)

Look at any photo of the Duchess of Sussex and you’ll notice she has three signature components to her beauty look: glowing skin, flowing hair (whether it’s worn down in soft waves or a low bun) and nude lips.

Of the latter, we already know that she’s a fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipstick (in "Very Victoria" in case you haven’t stocked up already), but upon closer inspection we noticed that she also has another brilliant trick up her sleeve: She over-lines her lips slightly.

Though the technique has been around for years (most notably in the ’90s), MM uses a far lighter touch that just makes her lips look fuller, rather than two-toned or unnatural. The key here is to choose a shade that’s very close to your natural lip color (one shade darker, max) and concentrate the liner just slightly over the center of your lips (as opposed to overdrawing the entire mouth).

Finish with a hint of gloss in the middle of your pout and practice your air kisses.

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