Emma Roberts, Rhodes Hedlund
Emma Roberts, Rhodes Hedlund

Blue Ivy

Who would ever dare question Queen Bey’s choice in baby names? At first, the fact that Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their first child Blue Ivy seemed like a little much, but it totally fits her — and it makes us think of a new way to incorporate a color into a baby name. Plus, who doesn’t want their kid to harness all the sass Blue has?


A couple of celebrities have used the name Birdie for their daughters over the past few years — Jessica Simpson and Brie Bella, just to name two. And even though it’s certainly an unusual pick, it’s also really sweet, especially with the spelling that ends in "ie."


This is another great baby name that we can credit Brie Bella for! When she and husband Bryan Danielson welcomed their second child into the world, they gave him a B-name that went well with big sister Birdie: the name Buddy (along with the middle name Dessert — a family name). How cute is that?!

Briar Rose

The name that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen chose for their daughter, Briar Rose — who will turn 7 this year — is pretty unusual, but it’s actually an adorable reference to the classic Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. Most of the time, when Rachel refers to her daughter, she simply calls her Briar.


We knew that Nicole Richie was all about choosing unexpected names when she named her daughter Harlow. But when she and Joel Madden welcomed their second baby — a boy this time around — they named him Sparrow, which is actually the cutest ever. Can you imagine a pair of twins named Birdie and Sparrow?!

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For a boy, James is a classic name. For a girl? Total game changer. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively chose the name for their oldest daughter, and it’s too adorable. They also went on to give their other daughters fairly quirky names (at least, for this decade): Inez and Betty.

Charlie Wolf

Though Zooey Deschanel definitely turned heads when she named her first child Elsie Otter, she went with a name we’d definitely use for her second baby, a boy: Charlie Wolf. She kept the quirky animal theme going, but in a way that just makes this little guy sound like the coolest kid on the playground.


August has been a popular name for baby boys born in 2021 so far — even though none of them were born in the month they were named after. Both Princess Eugenie and Mandy Moore have named their sons August, with Mandy adopting the adorable nickname Gus for her little guy.


All of Ashlee Simpson’s kids have unusual names, but hands down, our favorite has to be Bronx, the name of her son from her previous relationship with Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz. The other names she’s chosen — which include Jagger and Ziggy — are pretty cool, too.


Anyone out there looking for a planetary name that’s out of this world? Ashley Tisdale and husband Christopher French named their daughter Jupiter, and while it’s definitely not one we’ve heard before in Hollywood, it’s got us musing about astronomy-related names for our next kids.


For the most part, Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry has gone for more traditional names for her children — her oldest boys are Isaac and Lincoln, after all. But after she named her third son Lux, we were immediately in love. And the best part about a moniker like Lux? It can be used for a boy or a girl.


Knowing Iggy Azalea, it’s no surprise that she went with a totally unusual name for her baby boy, but we’re loving it anyway. Onyx is a pretty cool name for a kid, honestly — and given the fact that Iggy’s real first name is Amethyst, it couldn’t have been a better fit.


This name has been around for a while, but people didn’t really seem to take notice until Chip and Joanna Gaines chose it for their baby boy. Crew also has four other siblings with pretty good names to offer a little inspiration: Duke, Drake, Emmie Kay, and Ella Rose.


Though Daisy was once a way more popular name (the Great Gatsby had a hand in that), today it’s pretty uncommon — but now that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s daughter is here, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it picking up in popularity. After all, a name doesn’t get much cuter than Daisy Dove Bloom.


Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska gave her little boy (her second child, after daughter Aubree) the name Watson — so sweet! It might sound a little old-fashioned, but those are exactly the kind of names that are coming back into style — and that will withstand the test of time.


Though Kourtney Kardashian’s oldest two kids have relatively "normal" names (Mason and Penelope), she went a little out of the box when it came time to name her third child with ex Scott Disick. Her youngest son is called Reign Aston — a solid choice if you ask us!


Emma Roberts became a mom for the first time when she and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund welcomed their first child at the end of 2020. She named her son Rhodes Robert, and although alliteration is always awesome, we’re really loving the name Rhodes in general.