Jennifer Lopez is at the center of a pretty cheesy war between her current BF and her ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez, who got trolled with a symbolic chicken pizza order … TMZ has learned.

So, here’s the deal … a certain someone named Ben hit up the Florida-based online pizza joint Bulls Bears & Squares, and plunked down $141.32 to send some pies to A-Rod back on June 17.

It’s unclear exactly how many pizzas were ordered, but the joint’s owner, Samuel Tadros, confirms the only topping requested was chicken. He says their Chicago stuffed jalapeño ranch chicken deep dish pizza is one of the most popular, and they don’t come cheap — $140 will get ya about 3 pies when you add shipping costs!!!

Anyway, back to the trolling culprit — Bulls Bears & Squares tells us the Ben who ordered gave his name as "Ben Afflec." We’re not thinking J Lo’s Ben Affleck was actually responsible … why would he use his real name, minus one letter?

But, it’s clear some prankster got a kick out of sending the pizzas to A-Rod’s 9,200-sq.-ft. summer pad in the Hamptons — and possibly making him think Ben and J Lo were messing with him.

BTW, the troll knew the correct home address for Alex’s rented mansion … so, they did their homework.

Stars Eating Pizza

One thing they screwed up was … no note with the pizza delivery! So, it’s hard to say exactly what the troll was insinuating with the topping. Calling A-Rod a chicken, perhaps, but about what??? 🤷🏽‍♂️

It’s unclear if Alex was even home to get the pizza surprise. We’ve reached out to his camp, but no word back. Whatever the case, A-Rod’s got his hands full right now, and doesn’t seem focused on food. Or trolls.