Gluten-Free Super-Moist Chocolate Cake

You want to make a showstopper of a chocolate cake, but there’s a catch: It can’t have gluten in it. You’ve come to the right place, friend. This super-moist chocolate cake (from Katarina Cermelj’s new cookbook, Baked to Perfection) is fluffy, rich and most importantly, gluten-free.

“The initial version of this cake,” Cermelj writes, “relied on only cocoa powder for the chocolate flavor. I won’t lie—it felt like cheating. Cocoa powder simply doesn’t match actual melted chocolate when it comes to giving a cake that deep, luxurious chocolate flavor. In this improved version, I’ve used both melted chocolate and cocoa powder in the sponges as well as in the frosting—and all of a sudden, it’s become every chocoholic’s dream come true.”

Ready for a cool science trick? “Because chocolate has a slightly acidic pH,” she writes, “it helps boost the activity of the raising agents and helps makes the sponges even more tender and delicate. Don’t be scared by the addition of hot water to the cake batter—together with the milk, it helps keep the cake incredibly moist, so that it simply melts in your mouth.”

FYI, the measurements are by weight and not volume—it’s a more accurate way to divvy out ingredients, and when you’re baking gluten-free, that can make all the difference. Time to get that baking scale you’ve been eyeing.

Recipe adapted from Baked to Perfection, Copyright Katarina Cermelj, 2021. Reprinted by permission of Bloomsbury.